Birthday Boy: Brooks Laich

Happy 28th Birthday, Brooks!  So nice of you to tell us exactly what gift you want.  But you should be getting a new contract.

Of all the Caps, you’re the one I feel the least bad about liking.  Well, you and Nicky B (because not liking Nicky is the same as not liking ice cream and puppies).  But still.  This will be severely impacted if the Caps allow you to become an unrestricted free agent, which could happen any minute now.

Brooks has played all but 1 of his career games with Washington, has had three 20-gal seasons, plays on the power play, shorthanded, blocks shots… and made $2.4 million last season and only hit the salary cap for $2.07 million.  He’s the guy: consistent, versatile, not flashy but always shows up to play.

You can track the situation here: and expect a very aggro post if that changes.

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  1. Cya Reply

    Wow! “has had three 20-gal seasons” That’s a lot tires being changes (wink, wink).

    • Bahahaha, best typo ever, I’m leaving it!

      • Cya Reply

        Oh man, i just saw that I have a typo in my comment. Changes = Changed.
        There goes my English Degree.

  2. Cassy Reply

    The one and ONLY reason I will go to a Caps game if the Bruins/Pens aren’t playing. Or the Flyers. I’ll go then. Cos you know how I feel about THEM Pants.

    Only thing: bring sick bags for when I spot Ovi & I’ll stop you from being arrested over Fidget if you restrain me from, well, ah, doing something questionable in public to #21.

    Oh Mr Blue-Blue Eyes. Happy Birthday. I’ll give you anything you damn well want *heavy sigh*.