Mikey Monday: We’re Back

Oh Monday.  It’s been a while since I was so excited to see your face.

And by your face, I mean Mike Green’s.


The Capitals Convention was this weekend, so Mike’s friends are along to make your Monday better.  I had a hot date with Deb (@DLF1021) and Pam (@sunnyinNJ) who packed their high-powered cameras.  Every picture here is used with their permission – please don’t steal them!

There was a player ping pong tournament in which Nicky B looked adorable:

dlf1021gHe got in trouble for cursing at a later panel.  Piglet dropping f-bombs.

And Troy Brouwer wore these shorts:


Photographing the screen was the only way to get all that, but here’s a money shot from RussianMachineNeverBreaks.com.

The competition was (not at all) serious.


While Deb & Pam watched shorts run around on stage, my randomly selected autograph session ticket ended up being for Mike Green.  I personally vouch for his hair being 1000% and I even managed not to fall off the stage.


Just when I thought the highlight of the day had happened, Mike participated in a cooking competition.  Making grilled cheese sandwiches.


Did I write this script or what?  While the PA played Bieber and Britney, Mike and his fan-assistants won all three rounds of the contest.  He looked pretty pleased with himself and relieved not to have set the place on fire.

dlf1021fAll this *and* I can boil water.

While we all have a weakness for sandwiches, the best panel of the day was Locker Room Stories hosted by @wyshynski.


Brooks Laich, Eric Fehr and Aaron Volpatti told lots of redacted stories about pranks and superstitions that had us cracking up and other players’ ears ringing, even on their new teams.


We also decided that Brooks Laich should run for President.  He’s diplomatic and sensible all while being ridiculously charming and having great legs.  It’s a combination so powerful the law should overlook the fact he wasn’t born in the USA.

dlf1021eIt wasn’t me.

Deb and Pam capped off their weekend with Caps practice yesterday, which I sadly missed.  Perhaps it was for the best, considering this happened:


Yup, I’ll just stay over.  Behind the glass.  Sitting on my hands.


Welcome back, Monday.

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  1. I would like to send Troy a thank you note for wearing those shorts. He should never take them off. Ever.

    • Becca Reply

      I second this!

  2. Oh dear… This is all sorts of trouble… I had forgotten the power of my Caps crushes. Oct.12 is gonna be SOME KIND OF FUN.

  3. I went to the very first Caps Convention in 2009. The organizers didn’t have all the logistics down pat that first year, and wrote on your wristband in Sharpie which autograph session you got.

    I analyzed and studied the itinerary so I could narrow down which session Mike would be in. To my dismay, each session was broken down into A, B, and C, so it was a crap shoot.

    I ended up getting B, and he was in C, but because I refused to be denied the chance to see Mike Green up close, I went into the bathroom and stealthily changed my wristband letter.

    I was so terrified that they’d kick me out of line, but at that point in the day, the kids working the lines could not care less. After I got past them, I was then afraid I’d pass out before I got to him.

    I did not pass out, got a puck signed, and was able to carry on a little conversation with him. Best day ever.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Brooks looking right at the camera.

    Brooks in shorts.

    Oh….erm…… HALP

  5. Holy shit Mike. That shirt, that sleeve…Jesus.

  6. Brooks could talk a nun out of her panties, but when Mike walks out of a building wearing a tight v-neck shirt displaying the tats, words are not necessary.

  7. Maddie Reply

    Brooks – Yes!

  8. Heather Reply

    My love & adoration for Brooks Laich are even further off the charts today! Thanks, Pants. 😛