Olympic Heartful

This afternoon, I watched the men’s 2010 Olympic gold medal game.  That one day, years ago, when everyone I knew was watching hockey.  They were Tweeting and Facebooking and cheering down the hall in my San Francisco apartment building while Chuck and I were shouting, “WE TOLD YOU HOCKEY IS AWESOME!”

The Golden Goal was the moment my husband realized I am actually crazy.   Cheers in my building died immediately – except for mine.  Instead of being devastated by the US loss, stunned silent and saddened, I was screaming.  There was jumping and running followed by a lot of not knowing what to do with myself.  My love of Crosby topped my love of country (and a fairy-tale ending) that day and I am not ashamed.


Needless to say, I am excited for the Olympics.  I’m only slightly less excited for the onslaught of commercials that revolve around the Games – and with 40 days until Sochi, they have begun.  They have begun!


I CAN’T!!!!

Let’s start with John Tavares’ face game face.  And his voice.  Holy Hannah, somebody give this guy a phone book to read and let me pay for the podcast.


You giggled when he looked at the camera, didn’t you?  I did.  I still am. When someone tells you to be serious and you can’t keep a straight face to save your life, just try squinting.  His hair is flawless though.  Let’s get over this lower-body injury and get this coif back on the ice stat, s’il vous plaît.


(Side note: This video was posted December 6 and I just found it.  Three weeks!  Intern Jeff Skinner is so fired.)

Every year, Canada takes to reminding themselves that hockey is their sport.  So far I have encountered zero Canadians in danger of forgetting this, but it’s very patriotic and rousing and jealousy-inducing so here you go:


Ahhh, Donuts!  We haven’t mentioned Drew Doughty around here in a while. Nice to see his floppy flow again – which is promptly upstaged by a glimpse of Stamkos as brief and wondrous as our hopes that he’ll be healed in time for Sochi.  Marketing at it’s best.


Canadian Tire makes excellent use of resident superhero Jonathan Toews to pay tribute to all that goes into hockey, starting with his parents.


There’s also a :30 version of the commercial, a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot and an extended interview with John & his dad about their backyard rink.


Superhero smile

We Americans have seen Zach Parise’s charming face during every play stoppage for nearly a month.  This after-school special should come with PB&J.


There will be more heartstring-plucking, chest-pounding, flag-waving ads in the days to come.  If you see one first, send it to us!


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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhmygod Steven. I saw him – er, this commercial – during today’s World Junior game and knew I’d recognize that profile anywhere. Plaid suit, Stamkos? Don’t make me love you even more, I’m not sure it’s possible.

  2. Veronica Reply

    Who is that hottie next to superhero Toews??

  3. Just as I finished reading this, NHLN showed a preview of “Defending Gold”, the special on Team Canada they are airing before the Winter Classic. I can already feel my American flag shaming me

  4. THERE IS A BEHIND THE SCENES. I need to get back to my house and back to hockey so I can experience it in private times. ENOUGH visiting with old family and friends…