Phone Home

I did not make this video.

That’s right – someone interviewed John Tavares, complete with curls and a boyfriend shirt, calling his parents in sleepy morning voice while sitting on an unmade bed.  And it was not I.


You guys probably think I haven’t posted this because I died watching it.  Truth is, it’s been in my email two whole days and I didn’t see it until right now. Made it about eight seconds before I had to pause it and post.  If I don’t live to see the end, know I was more excited about this video than John sounds about making Team Canada.  But not nearly as adorkable.

If I do survive, I’ll be over here wishing more things into existence.


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  1. jana Reply

    You know, he makes me want to root for the Islanders to win the Stanley Cup only so that I could see him excited and go crazy like every other player does. He’s so serious that I can’t believe he’s only 23. #oldOLDsoul

    • Pants Reply

      I don’t think I’d believe party-mode Tavares even if I saw it.

  2. John Tavares, Captain of Team Hair Canada. Crosby can have the whole team so long as John gets the hair aspect. What is this, coconut oil? This is definitely not the result of 2-in-1 or crappy hotel products.

  3. vanivikenTilly Reply

    I saw this and thought of you (well, as soon as I was back to breathing normally) Serious boys are the SHIT.
    Love this blog btw, thanks for many laughs.

  4. hotstovebb Reply

    Video proof that he doesn’t hog the bed or the pillows. Neal, the ball’s in your court.

  5. Lynn Reply

    Apparently this clip will be part of NHL Revealed 7 part series starting Jan 22 and Jan 23 (in Canada on CBC). More behind the scenes with our favourite players? Yes please. Can’t wait.