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I hope you made a New Year’s resolution to watch more hockey, if that’s possible.  Not in my house. While the US announced their Olympic roster after the Winter Classic, Canada found another way to fill their hockey quota.


Video: CBC – Defending Gold: Inside the Making of Canada’s Team

It’s thirty minutes inside the minds and meetings of Team Canada’s architects as they deliberate who’ll wear the red and white in Sochi just over a month from now. The Honorable Stevie Y presiding.

Showing these kids how it's done.

Showing these kids how it’s done.

From Olympic camp back in August, let’s talk about something that’s more awkward that Lucic’s face in this shot – Phanuef’s cardigan.  No, I’m kidding.  I cover my anguish with humor, people!  It’s how I cope.

I’m talking about Mike Green.


Mike is not going to Russia.  There are days when I’m surprised they even let Mike go to Caps games.   His exclusion from the 2010 Canada roster was considered by many a huge snub, a year in which he had 76 points (holy shit) and got his second straight Norris nomination.  Critics pegged Mike as “too offensive” – as in point-scoring, not bothersome – when CAN needed stay-at-home blueliners.  Well compared to 2010, this season is roadkill so I think we can just look away (from my broken heart).

Don’t despair for long.  Team Canada will not lack things to make me happy.


Gah, there is a polo shirt shop in heaven and I’d like to work there.

Most of our cast of The Bachelorette (Part 1, Part 2) are here, method-acting out the roles we assigned for our show:

The Quarterback, gazing into the distance at his achievable dreams with complete disregard for that ladder’s feelings.


The Kid practicing his cursive for writing notes in study hall.


The Class Clown making it all look fun.  (PK might lose this grin when he hears them debating him later in the show.)


The Hot One, rakishly ignoring the photo of his own crazy face in the background while testing the structural integrity of yet another folding chair.


The Quiet One and other French guys being French and quiet.


The Bromance being exclusive.


Fine, you make a better screencap.

Not lost on me was this moment of foreshadowing.  I believe this is the look Crosby and Kunitz gave Neal after a certain incident involving a knee and a head and the desire to make this team.



The look inside Yzerman’s war room is fascinating, talking about pressure, second-guessing and the chemistry required to put together not only the best team, but the right team.  I got a little nervous when they talked about specific guys: Nash, #TeamEbs, Stammer’s injury.  “They will see this!  They’ll hear you!”  It makes no difference though; on January 7, Yzerman and Co. will have us on the edge of our seats.

Who will get a rose and who will be crying in limo?  Most importantly, what are we going to buy?


Now it’s your turn: give us your thoughts, surprising snubs and bets on Superman Stamkos getting the nod.  If Stammer and Tavares make the team, Tavares won’t wear 91.  My purchase decision anxiety mounts.

Side note: It’s nice to know Canadians suffer the same trials as Americans when it comes to online/in demand TV – being forced to watch the same commercials ad nauseum.

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  1. I know we can’t put too much stock in these editing, blurred-out spreadsheet meetings, but I really got the feeling that Kunitz and Benn are making Team Canada. I know people are all “NO KUNITZ NO” but I’m more than okay with his inclusion.

    My current and possibly irrational fear is that PK Subban is not going to make the team.

    I’m both so excited and also afraid for January 7th’s roster announcement. Canadians should probably just be given the day off to spend time alone with their thoughts and feelings before being allowed in public again.

  2. French guys being French. Classic.

  3. Marlene Reply

    Thanks for posting this. I just watched the video and found it to be very informative. Hard decisions to make for any country but I think even more difficult for a country like Canada with so many players to choose from. I will still be cheering on USA and must congratulate John Carlson for making the team.