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We’re 21 days from the Olympics and I’m already emotionally exhausted.  This Steven Stamkos video, sponsored by Coke, features the most straightlaced and patriotic cardigan in history.


Add in childhood video, profile shots and candid confessions of previous disappointments and I feel like I just voted for something.


Will Stammer be ready to play in Sochi?  While everyone’s talking about Olympic dreams, this is one of ours.


Here’s the Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey schedule.  I’ve alerted my boss that I’ll need multiple days off – possibly two whole weeks – to watch these games in real time.

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  1. I’ve been staring at this thing for a week, no joke – WHAT IS THAT MUSIC?

    Steven participated in the Bolts’ morning skate today…inching closer and closer to return. Now I’ve included the mornings of February 13/14 into my 2014 vacation plans. If there’s a chance he’s in Sochi, no way I’m missing seeing it.

  2. Kayim Reply

    I actually booked two weeks off work. My colleagues think I’m doing something vitally important. I am. I’m watching Olympics Hockey.

  3. Tracy Reply

    A bit off topic, but related … does anyone know if the games are going to be aired live or if NHL GameCenter will be carrying the games? Hoping NBC learned their lesson after the fiasco of the summer Olympics two years ago.

  4. Kelly Reply

    Have you ladies seen/heard anything about when and where we can buy player shirts? I NEED to rep some John Carlson.