Operation Hot Trick

If I’d planned better, I would have made it to Atlantic City for the Operation Hat Trick charity hockey game on Saturday night.  As it was, I couldn’t find any pants to fit me after Thanksgiving and it’s really tacky/cold to wear a hockey jersey as a dress.  Luckily, other people with cameras were there.

The event, created by Scott Hartnell, Todd Fedoruk and  Joe Watson from the Caesar’s resort group, featured teams of NHL players in a charity fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief.  It sold out Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall to nearly 11,000 fans – most of them Rangers and Flyers fans.  They got to see…

James Neal score four goals.  Get it, baby.

Photo by nealwithit18.tumblr.com

Brad Richards and Scott Hartnell were the team captains, which is an impressive amount of hockey hair leading the charge.  Just for Ashley (@a_rake), here’s a photo of Brad doing #longhairdontcare with his helmet off:

Team Richards won 10-6, thanks mainly to King Henrik doing what he does (second) best – goaltending.  He made 56 saves!

His first and most appreciated talent will always be just being this:

Our friend Sonia (@lihui815) clearly knew what she was doing: Documenting the Flow.  Check out all her photos here.

Remember when we were brainwashed and liked Stamkos’ long hair?

I’m so glad those days are over.  Also, Steven is a wonderful human being who signed a puck for a girl whose sign said:

from Puck Daddy

WAITWAITWAIT.  I just have to write something and he’ll do it?  

How long can the sign be?  Can I have more than one sign?  Are there kids in this audience?  They can’t read anyway, right?

Now if someone could talk to iCarly about his hair…

Though there’s something quite Roman gladiator-esque about this look that works for him.  I’m thinking shield, bronze kilt, thighs.

And of course, Scott Hartnell.  He and I really have the same hair.  I’m just not lucky enough to be ginger.

Now back to the good part.  These two photos are from Instagram (kirstenfrances) via Tumblr, and she should get credit for having such an eye for perfection.  We don’t know her, but we love her.

This scored four goals.   Just take a moment to soak it all in.

Bravo to everyone who contributed their time and effort to make Operation Hat Trick a success, and it sounds like a lot of fun.  There’s talk of another charity game, perhaps in NYC, perhaps when I have stopped eating 9000 calories a day or have purchased snow pants to wear.  Either way, it’s a field trip.

Photos from the event were a bit limited.  If you’ve got good ones, let us know!

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  1. Sometimes I find myself just looking at the picture on your blog posts first, and then maybe reading the words (after a few more minutes of gazing and drooling).

  2. Lorelei6903 Reply

    God bless you kirstenfrances! Nealer has dialed the hotness factor waaaay up in this lingering lockout hell. I’m so happy to see recent pics of him. King Henrik, well, that goes without saying. I guess I even have to kinda be nice to Hartnell, too. He did a nice thing for charity and for female hockey fans everywhere! He is still the enemy, though…but not now. Very kind and civic minded to organize this

  3. Neal kinda looks like a young Adam Sandler in that first Instagram photo. I don’t want to see it as much as you, but I do.

    • I am impressed you pulled Adam Sandler out of the air like that Jess. All I saw was giant nose, huge adam’s apple, buck teeth. And then I figured, oh this was a mistake, some ACHL guy was accidentally wearing Nealer’s jersey in warmups.

  4. Erin Reply

    As an attendee of said charity game (albeit one without any awesome pictures, boo!), I must say that all these boys were looking 10 kinds of good.

    Also, if they DO do another game in NYC, I am SO. DOWN. Do it, players. Do it for the children/us.

  5. Deanna Reply

    Damn, Neal looks phenomenal. iCarly realllly needs a haircut though, his flow just isn’t working. Maybe he’s waiting to cut it until the lockout is over? For many reasons, let’s hope that happens soon.