Birthday Boy: Taylor Hall

America, land of democracy.  To prove that every vote counts, not just the people running the place:


(That sound you hear is Amanda and Jess crashing to the floor.)

Since Taylor’s living and playing in the US, his 21st birthday is a big deal.   We hope he makes good decisions, or documents everything on social media.

Either way.

If you focus all your energy on something in a sci-fi movie, you can move it with your mind.  If you focused the combined energy of this blog in the last three weeks, you could float yourself the Oklahoma City Barons.  It seems only fitting that Taylor makes this blog by popular demand.

Taylor’s off IR for that shoulder injury and scored 38 seconds into his first game as a Baron on November 2.  He also took a late-game 5-minute major + match penalty for a check to the head.  The penalty was reversed and Taylor was not suspended.  He has 3 goals and 1 assist in 5 games for the Barons.

If the NHL ever comes back, Taylor will start the 2013 season on a 7-year, $42 million contract.  That’ll fill those seats.  Selected #1 overall back in 2010, he has a career 49G and 46A in 126 games over two seasons with the Oilers.

He’s also part of our favorite present day boy band:

They’re even well-respected by other musicians, such as Snoop Dogg.

When he’s not playing hockey, Hallsy and his Barons teammates ride their bikes around Oklahoma City.  BIKES.  I know Middle America isn’t the healthiest place on Earth, but I find it hard to believe the fangirls can’t run faster than he can pedal.

Taylor’s a hit on Twitter (@hallsy04) – seriously, he’s so sassy he should blog for us.  We don’t care if he can’t spell.  He’s also on Instagram.

You can follow his Movember, um… progress.

Things around here have been quite heated in the Eberle vs. Hall Dream Date Debate.  While Chuck and I agree (gasp) that we’re Team Eberle, we are beginning to see what you see when you see this:

Or this:

And okay, this:

So… new life plan, anybody?  We hear the cost of living is really reasonable in Oklahoma City (with money left over for sock puppets arm warmers).

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  1. AUUUUUUGHHHH! Those pictures! Might as well be my birthday, too!
    If that we’re me, I’d be scaling the glass already.
    I’m crying he’s so beautiful.

    • Also does donating what’s left of my college saving to his Movember fundraiser so he finally notices me count as a romantic gesture?

  2. I am forever on Team Eberle but there’s something about Taylor Hall (his shoulders, mostly) that makes me love him just a little.

    And the fact that he walks out on a movie because his brain can’t handle it just kills me.


    My work here is nearly done. It wont be finished until Lindsay admits it, and now that Pants has made some concessions, it’s only a matter of time.

  4. GODDAMN IT JESSICA! It’s ONLY because Pants and Chuck are democratic (I like the authoritarian regime better where Toews/Bergeron/Backstrom/Seguin/Nash are the only players profiled – screw democracy) that I will concede…a little. Pants managed to dig up the prettiest pictures of Hall available – but mark my words: as soon as November is over and Eberle shaves, it’s back to Ebs >>>>>>>>> Hall.

    More importantly, as soon as the lockout is over I can forget all about this two and get back to admiring the real hotties.

    Also: “I find it hard to believe the fangirls can’t run faster than he can pedal.” Disagree – have you seen their thighs??

    • Girl, I have shown you those photos before and you just weren’t having it.

      Also, their thighs, yes, but also most fangirls tend to be on the chubbier side of thing, preferring to get there cardio through horizontal running.

      • Cassy Reply


      • There’s a reason I like watching hockey while I’m on the treadmill.

      • Pants Reply

        All the more reason to join Team WUYS Tough Mudder 2013! Henceforth known as: Team Catch a Baron on a Bicycle.

        • When I’m at the gym on the bike, Ebs on the bike in front of me will be my visual.

  5. Trouty Mouth.

    The photo of him looking all California, blond surfer boy with the longish flow is the best one but still…

    Eberle > Hall
    Nash > Eberle > Hall

    Therefore, Nash is > than ALL!

    • I could possibly concede to Nash because MAN. HE IS MAN. But still… VICTORY WILL BE MINE.



  7. Is it mean that I laughed so hard at his “moustache” (can I call it a moustache? does it qualify?) that I started coughing and had to close the screen? What I suffer for my love (and laughs. Mainly laughs)

  8. Heather Reply

    Um, he’s cute and all, but I’m STILL on the TANGER/NEALER/SEGUIN train! And will be forevermore!!! 🙂

  9. Julia Reply

    I saw him sitting in the press box in OKC like 20 feet away from me, it was very surreal. Still can’t believe I’m getting to see these guys play.

  10. Harnoor dakha Reply

    Happy birthday Taylor hall