Global Warming: Sweden

Meanwhile in Russia, guess who remains perfect and is scoring a lot of points?

Of course it’s Piglet.  He looks pretty fond of Ms. Pink Recorder-And-Mani combo too.  Or maybe he’s just happy with himself for having 5 goals and 5 assists in his last 4 games for Dynamo Moscow.

This, this, a thousand times this. [and as a gif]

Backstrom had two goals yesterday, including the one below.  Please note that I will pirate the dance showcased at the :32 mark as my own future Nicky goal celebration, if they Caps ever unbreak my heart.

Last week, Nick had a hatty.  Karaoke your own commentary on this one.

Ovi has a recent OT GWG and 3 assists, for a total of 19 points in 18 games, and Dynamo holds the overall KHL lead.

You can very helpfully follow @KHL_Hockey for English-language updates on all the teams, and they’ve got a full English website too –  My goodness, a hockey league that seems to appreciate their fans. What will they think of next?

BINGO – Viktor Stalberg has left the Swedish Elite League to play for KHL’s Atlant Moscow [link] – @HCAtlant.  And the team is Tweeting like, well, we would if he turned up at our office.

Yes, even in that hat.

Definitely a part of our interview process:

He’ll make his debut today vs. Jakoub Voracek’s team Lev Praha (Czech Republic).  If I see a link to the live stream, I’ll Tweet it.

Tampa Bay’s Victor Hedman, who is not photographed often enough, assisted on all three goals for Barys Astana in their most recentwin.  He also apparently gets mistaken for Tom Brady in the US [link].  We can kinda see it.

And just because it exists, here are 9 1/2 minutes of Gabe speaking Swedish (where he’s playing).  The Swedes must reinforce their electronics because this shit would melt my flat-screen right off the wall.

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  1. Kitkat Reply

    How did I miss that Nicky’s new number is 69????? Have mercy….

  2. Gabe’s smile could bring about world peace.

    Also, I watched Stalberg’s brother, Sebastian, play in Worcester (without realizing the relation). His hair was magical.

  3. Lina Reply

    That interview with Gabe was made in the airport after he only had some three hours of sleep because the team had been late getting back after a game and he had to leave early the next morning. He tweeted about this.
    In my humble opinion as a Swede myself no one should be able to look that good after so little sleep

  4. Farah Reply

    Dangit Stalberg….(sigh) I had just put the lockout out of my memory for a while and then…that.

  5. Swedish is a mad sexy language. Yeah – no lie when I say I watched that whole interview with Landesköugarbait even though I didn’t understand a single word. Also, I think I need more Viktor Hedman in my life.