Foxy Friday: Ryan Getzlaf

If you didn’t watch NHL Revealed during the Olympics, you missed the season’s best hockey programming.  Go pay for the extended episodes on iTunes – they’re worth it – then come back and know why we say: Foxy Friday: Ryan Getzlaf Ryan Getzlaf exists for two reasons: To make you laugh. To make his awkward […]

One Last Thing

I hate to say ‘it’s almost that time of year,’ but with about 10 games left in the regular season, we’ll soon say goodbye to some of our favorites. And hello to their off-season golf shorts, boats-on-lakes and selfies.  Amirite? Before it’s over, a last look at some players we haven’t looked at in a […]

Think, think, think.

Today, I’m calling on all of you to focus. Does this help? No? How about… That ought to do it.  Now, bring the power of your mind to bear on the universe and let’s see if we can’t get James Neal and Chris Kunitz back in the Pittsburgh lineup tonight. For the record, I don’t […]

Karaoke Night

I know we haven’t been posting that much lately – real life, jobs, bills, snore – but if there were ever something to focus our attention, it’s singing.  The Avs did their lip sync thing, now the Winnipeg Jets are raising the stakes. Pass The Mic – Episode 7 They’re singing Frozen. Or they’re trying, […]

The Best or Worst Idea Ever

You know on “The Office,” when Steve Carell was about to do something spectacularly awkward, and you could feel its approach through a million miles of satellite transmission and wiring?  I would have to get up and leave the room.  Still haven’t made it through the dueling drunk Maid of Honor speeches in Bridesmaids. So […]

Start Stressing

The Olympics really disrupted my sense of hockey-time, and I suddenly find important things are right around the corner: The Penguins are in DC on Monday. The trade deadline is tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern. There are less than six weeks left in the regular season. Luckily I’m good at To Do Lists.  They calm […]

Foxy Friday: Jamie Benn

You guys sure are persistent.  Whenever we ask, “Hmm, who should we pick for Foxy Friday?”, you all do this: Ignoring you, we look out the window and see: Ha, pitiful fence.  That won’t hold you!  Intern Jeff Skinner can only turn and flee as you stampede into our office: Okay, okay!  We hear you. […]

Five Minutes

I picked up the January issue of Men’s Health in the dentist’s office this morning (because Matt Damon was on the cover) and found this inside: Hey there, Captain Zach! I can’t find this image large enough to read text, so let me tell you what it says: Zach Parise can hold a lunge for […]

NHL Revealed: Preview

NHL Revealed premiered last night… at 11 PM.  On a Wednesday.   I wasn’t even able to find the US commercial for it until this morning.  Oh NHL, you do such a bang-up job with this stuff!  Anyway, I’ll be watching it tonight when I get home in a hot second because I just found […]

How to Make Fans and Influence People

People always say we ignore the Western Conference (we do), so today let’s talk about the Anaheim Ducks. Back in October, the Ducks lost their season opener 6-1 to Colorado.  That’s not exactly how a team wants to ring in a new year.  You know they had a post-game talk about shaking it off, getting […]

After Hours, Indeed

Saturday night sure was exciting for Penguins fans.  Crosby goes to Western Canada once a year – not at all last year – and even the opposing team’s broadcasters talk about him like he’s Santa.  The Pens won in Calgary, vindicating Lindsay’s decision to wear her Crosby jersey to the game while her family all […]

G of the Year?

So no one can accuse us of anti-Flyers bias… I have to post this inconceivable Giroux goal from last night. It made SportCenter’s Top 10 plays – and not SportsCentre (say it like you’re French) that you Canadians have up north with your Cabbie and your highlights.  I’m talking about American SportsCenter where hockey might […]

Cheer Up, It’s Christmas

For context and credibility purposes, this should probably get an entire post full of information and thoughtful, well-written prose.  Instead I just want to say “johntavaresswoon” and leave it at that. To spread some holiday spirit to our Islanders fans friends, who are having an apocalyptically rough time right now, this is the cutest thing […]

I Can Never Unsee This

The Boston Bruins’ faux sitcom, The Bear and the Gang, returns “December-ish” and recently, they released this little teaser. I can never, EVER unsee this. Ever. The faux-show promises to be pretty delightful and awkward – which is pretty much the mantra of this blog.

The Most Wonderful Time

The holiday season is here!  We have stuffed our faces and basked in food coma.  We’ve broken out the ski socks and mittens.  I watched 5 straight episodes of Covert Affairs before bothering to check if I could fast forward the commercials.  Now that we’re back after American Thanksgiving, everyone is ready to work: Movember is […]

Pens & Paws

Before you look at these photos, go to the Animal Rescue League website and order a Penguins & Paws 2014 Calendar.  Support adorable, fuzzy faces of the four-legged variety! Huge thanks to @alisonsykora‘s mom Heidi, who took pictures of every page with her phone for us.  She likes James Neal the best because she’s a […]

Ad Men

I hate the Rangers as much as I love a good ad campaign, and this is a good ad campaign.   Oh Ginger Staal.  It’s too bad you’re the only Staal I’ll never like because I would like to like you. (Crank the volume on this one.) “Don’t pick a chain restaurant. ”  Bahahaha.  Marc, […]

Celebrity, Celebrity

  I think I just hallucinated that Sidney Crosby said his celebrity crush is Syndey Bristow.  Did he really say he likes tall, fair girls with long brown hair who are, frankly, a LOT older than he is? Awesome. I happen to be know one. She even has a suitcase catapult. (Side note: I’ve worked […]

Smiling’s My Favorite

To accurately tell you how much work I have to do, I’d need one of those “to the power of” superscript numbers next to infinity.  Which isn’t even enough.  But how am I supposed to work under these conditions?! John Tavares talks with Kathryn Tappen about his first NHL goal:   OF COURSE YOUR FIRST […]

No Big Deal

Me, on Friday: “This has been the toughest work week of my career.  I’m feeling pretty badass for getting through it.” John Tavares: “I heard it’s your birthday.  Here, hold my tooth.” When I was told about this, I thought, “I don’t want to see that but really I do.” When I watched it, I […]