NHL Revealed: Preview

NHL Revealed premiered last night… at 11 PM.  On a Wednesday.   I wasn’t even able to find the US commercial for it until this morning.  Oh NHL, you do such a bang-up job with this stuff!  Anyway, I’ll be watching it tonight when I get home in a hot second because I just found the whole episode [video]!

For now, here’s the preview [video], which has enough highlights to make me wish I took a sick day.


NHL Revealed touts this as an “unprecendented” hockey season – if you don’t count 2010 (or 2006…) when players also went to the Olympics then came back to their teams.  Nevermind.  It’s more interesting than an average season, that’s for sure.  The series also promises to showcase the best hockey players as we’ve never seen them before – and delivers.

John Tavares: Emotion.




Someone doing this.


There’s even a sweaty hair flip in there.  Crosby chirps the Capitals, drops an “eh?” and I’m pretty sure I’m getting an Emmy for forgetting I directed this show.


It has Ryan Getzlaf with his child:


Kyle Okposo with his even smaller child:


And Torts yelling.  You know, things you don’t see every day.


We have high expectations for NHL Revealed.  The preview promises mic’d up on-ice altercations, bro-hugs, workout videos, windmill high-fives, the Stanley Cup and Teemu Selanne – pretty much all the things we’re hope for every year.

Because in hockey there are always coffees to drink,

nhl7 cowboy hats to buy,


and dreams to chase.


More later, I promise – unless any of you are doctors and can write me a note to leave work now.



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  1. I caught this when it aired last night and figured since there were no WUYS tweets about it that you were either asleep, or dead from the gratuitous Tavares close ups. My favorite part was the ref yelling at Tavares for whining about bad calls, so Johnny boy decides to give his shitty calls the proverbial finger by getting a hat trick.

    Could they have possibly coached the narrator on proper name pronunciation? Or just stolen Liev Schrieber’s rights from HBO?

    I’ve got your excuse note right here…it says “Maternity Dept” on the top, but that’s okay, cause I’m pretty sure this series has the power to impregnate.

  2. Kylee Reply

    I was wondering if you guys had any other links to it? I’m from the Caribbean and a huge hockey fan but unfortunately we don’t have any of the channels that it airs on 🙁