Celebrity, Celebrity


I think I just hallucinated that Sidney Crosby said his celebrity crush is Syndey Bristow.  Did he really say he likes tall, fair girls with long brown hair who are, frankly, a LOT older than he is?

Awesome. I happen to be know one. She even has a suitcase catapult.

(Side note: I’ve worked with Jennifer Garner and she is spectacular.  All around win.)

I wish I were a celebrity so when someone asked for my celebrity crush I could say, “Sidney Crosby” and they could reply, “Who?”  You know, the guy whose crush is a 41-year old married mother of three.  Sid is like the bouncer who IDs you when you’re clearly past 21, just to make you smile.

There are other gems in this video, including Tuukka Raask wondering who makes up these questions. Lindsay and Alison shouted back, “We do, Tuukka!

Blogging from a plane, sorry for the lack of photos!


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  1. Laura Reply

    That is a super endearing answer. Although I have to point out that Sid himself is not… completely dissimilar to Jennifer Garner in the looks department. Ngl, I’m a little into it.

  2. Of course Logan Couture said Selena Gomez. Of. Course.

  3. Vanessa Reply

    I feel heartened that quite a few of them said older women, given Jennifer Aniston’s age and Rachel McAdams as well. 🙂 Also, Beyonce. Tuuka, you are the goalie of my heart (when that space is not being overtaken by Corey Crawford feels, at least, or Kari Lehtonen).

  4. Scarlett Reply

    Logan Couture may be the creepiest human being ever. Also Seth Jones proving that the cougar train doesn’t always run one way. There is hope for us all.

  5. May I also point out that the always Foxy JStaal ALSO picked Jennifer Aniston?!?! I knew I loved Jordo & Sid for a reason! 😀

  6. Kathryn Tappen and the NHL Network are really upping their game. Giving the people what they want, I like!

  7. Small nitpick: 2 Us *and* Ks in Tuukka. 🙂

    Love seeing some of them (looking at you, Cammalleri) blush over this.

    Gwen Stefani would eat Rick Nash for lunch. And I would pony up some serious cash to watch that.

    • Becca Reply

      hahaha, when I read “Tuuka” that was my first thought too 🙂

      And I agree with the Gwen comment!

    • Pants Reply

      Fixed! Darned Finns and their double letters. Blogging from my phone while on a plane does’t allow for the best spell checking.

  8. He wants to join the Hot Dads Club on the Pens so badly. He saw what Garner did for Affleck’s Argo campaign, right? She helped him KILL it this year at the Oscars. Totally KILLED it. Sorry, I ready waaaaay too much Lainey Gossip leading up to awards season. but let’s face it, it’s one more thing Sid would kick ass at.

  9. Also, Aniston is 25 years Seth’s senior. It’s about time the math swung in favor of ladies, no?

  10. This was my favourite thing of all yesterday! I am both happy and sad that no Blackhawks were featured.

    My absolute favourite moment was Tuukka picking Beyonce closely followed by Backes picking Anna Kendrick. What? No Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence? Hockey players: their girl crushes are just like ours!

    And while delighted by their seemingly ubiquitous desire to be cougared, all the Aniston responses smack of “DON’T ALIENATE THE TWEENS!”. Taylor and Logan did not get this memo.

  11. Lynn Reply

    I too found it interesting that so many guys like Jennifer Aniston. JVR had an interview with Cabbie and he too chose Aniston and Rachel MacAdams. I am quite surprised nobody said Scarlett Johansson. She’s totally hot!

  12. Cassy Reply

    I’m a tall woman, with long-ish dark hair, who is, frankly, a LOT older than him.

    You mean I’m in with a chance?!?

  13. Becca Reply

    Tuukka and Couture had to be my favorite in this…hahahaha!