Pens & Paws

Before you look at these photos, go to the Animal Rescue League website and order a Penguins & Paws 2014 Calendar.  Support adorable, fuzzy faces of the four-legged variety!

Huge thanks to @alisonsykora‘s mom Heidi, who took pictures of every page with her phone for us.  She likes James Neal the best because she’s a momgenius.


For safety, Sam overestimated the amount of room Sid needs to sit down.


Chuck Kobasew, come back to the lineup!


Matt D’Agostini’s in this year’s “Winter Look.”


Kunis and puppies and sweaters.


BSutts and Co. giving @alisonsykora the puppy eyes.


The closest to Raja that Aladdin could get.


These puppies match Geno’s outfit (and enthusiasm).


Joe Vitale and the tiniest little friend! Eeep!


Sassy and Neal. Yes, the dog is Sassy too.


Crosby is superstitious of black cats, so of course Duper has one.


Mario has one dog for each Stanley Cup.  He could handle more.


Hug it out, Rob Scuderi.


This is Nisky’s own dog. I’ll be over here, rolling around in my tears.


Get well soon, Beau. You’re too ridiculous to be without.


This scrappy little guy has Brooks’ eyes.


Disco Dogs


Also Flower’s own dogs.  And socks.

One last picture – a selfie:


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  1. ambitiouspants Reply

    DEEEEEEEEAAAD. Ordering my own right away, holy crap. Just when I thought Flower couldn’t get any more adorable or loveable.

  2. BKNY1999 Reply

    Tanger…sweater…kitty…dead on the floor.

    • This was going to be my EXACT comment…! Thanks for the info…my calendar is on its way!

  3. Brings new meaning to the phrase “lucky dog,” especially Scuderi’s. (Come back soon, Rob!) Kunitz and Malkin were, of course, ridiculously adorable.

    But was there a dog in Crosby’s picture? I didn’t see it; all I noticed were his legs.

    • #Truth. Also, dying at Niskanen’s puppy. Did he buy that dog because their smiles match?

      • That puppy’s ears look so fluffy and soft.

  4. bull girl Reply

    What a fantastic cause. And such handsome gents! <3 <4 <5. Love to all involved! Neal in particular looked like he was in paradise over the whole thing. What a heart stealer that little girl was!

  5. It’s so fluffy I’m ….. DEAD!!!! GAH!!! Could I love these boys any more?!?!?! Didn’t think so til I got a gander at this! Did Nisky name that puppy Norman?? Because, you know that would be too PERFECT!! 😀

    P.S. I STILL want pics of Geno rolling around on the floor with those puppies AND the Goose & Maverick costumes!!! The Interwebs are failing us, ladies!!! 🙁

  6. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    Done and done. Calendars came yesterday. Yes, calendars. I’m a sucker for rescue animals and hockey players

    • I also ordered more than one. No shame. They are going to make great Christmas presents for my hockey/animal-loving family members.

  7. My first thought when I saw Nisky’s picture was, “That’s not a turtle!” Look what you started, Pants!

    • Pants Reply

      I was really hoping for a turtle, Deb, but puppies are like my Kryptonite.

      • Puppies and babies. If they ever make a “hockey players holding small children” calendar, my ovaries and I are done.

  8. Letang Cat is completely unimpressed.

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  10. The first dog is like “Sidney Crosby’s sitting next to me what do I do?”