Foxy Friday: Ryan Getzlaf

If you didn’t watch NHL Revealed during the Olympics, you missed the season’s best hockey programming.  Go pay for the extended episodes on iTunes – they’re worth it – then come back and know why we say:

Foxy Friday: Ryan Getzlaf


Ryan Getzlaf exists for two reasons:

  • To make you laugh.
  • To make his awkward friends feel extra-awkward, which in turn makes you laugh.

Make it three – he’s pretty good at hockey.


There was the classic Getzlaf vs. Ryan 2010 Vancouver Olympics comedy tour that extended all the way to the 2011 NHL Awards.   Bobby Ryan can keep up, but Getzlaf’s best is just dissolving uncomfortable teammate Corey Perry into giggles from which he cannot recover.

Or ragging Crosby because no one else will:


Or taking  the side-by-side matching Sochi toilets in stride:


If your first thought about Ryan Getzlaf for Foxy Friday is “he’s bald” well yes, we know.  He struggled a bit with just how to handle the hair situation…


… and kept hanging on a little too long.


It can’t be easy when you’re skating around this sick flow every day:


But really, we don’t care.  We applaud Ryan for finally just going the way nature was taking him anyway.  He can pull it off!  Bone structure, blue eyes and bald.  Is that an equation?  Or just the formula for Bruce Willis?  Either way, it works.

getz getty

Instead of seeing it as a detriment, Ryan uses his crop top as a feature to accessorize.



The Getzlafs have two sons and a daughter on the way.





Good deeds:


Gold medal:


Okay, that last one goes with everything.

Getz leads the Ducks with 79 points.  This is his first-ever 30G season, +5 over any previous total.  He’s been with the Ducks his entire 9-season career and was named captain at age 25 before the 2010 schedule began.  It wasn’t always an easy road, but the Ducks are now 3rd in the West, 2nd in the Pacific and would, if the playoffs started today, face their rival LA Kings in the first round.

What do you think, Ryan?


If Getz wants to do this again, his Ducks will have to survive a Western Conference post-season bloodbath.  Teams considerably better than most in the East will go out in the first round because… jeez, thank God for this playoff format.  Love, the Eastern Conference.


The #2 seeded Ducks went out in the first round last year, though it took seven games.  It’s safe to say that Ryan Getzlaf has at least a few more Fridays left in the 2013-14 season.


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    He’s on of my favorites and really nice. I met him when I went to Anaheim and he laughed at how nervous I was.



    • PS – “formula for Bruce Willis”. #LOLZ4DAYZ

  3. I got so excited, I didn’t proofread. ::fans herself::
    *one of my favorites

  4. capsfan22 Reply

    Best eyebrows in hockey.

  5. Kate Reply

    Now that he’s embraced the balding thing, I actually think he looks better. With hair, he kind of looks smarmy or sleazy. (Or… actually, now that I look again, when he has hair, he looks like one of my ex-boyfriends, who was smarmy and sleazy!)

  6. lynn Reply

    Being from the east, I never cared for the Ducks or any of their players that much until I watched NHL Revealed and Cabbie and got to see Ryan Getzlaf. He is so funny and easygoing. He won me over with sassing Shea Weber and kidding around with Sid. He’s OK in my books. Good choice!

  7. Amy Reply

    As a Duck fan, I wasn’t so sure about Getzy being named the captain at first; but he’s really done a great job.

    And I’m sure you’ve all seen this; but he and Corey are super funny with Cabbie in this clip too.. and it has Sid. 😀