Think, think, think.

Today, I’m calling on all of you to focus.

Does this help?




How about…


That ought to do it.  Now, bring the power of your mind to bear on the universe and let’s see if we can’t get James Neal and Chris Kunitz back in the Pittsburgh lineup tonight.


For the record, I don’t want anyone rushing back from a concussion (or any injury).  We have a long way to go here – say, until mid-June.  But I also don’t want to see anymore hot garbage like the Pens back-to-back losses to the Flyers over the weekend.  Call it The Lost Weekend.  Wake up wondering what happened and hope your friends never mention it again.

Onward and upward.


So, will the fix(es) be in?  If I had to choose, I’d take Kunitz returning first.  Crosby Winger Bingo is bad enough when it only has to fill one spot. Now Bylsma is giving out top line assignments  by tossing jerseys into the crowd.


On-ice chemistry takes time to develop, but no one is getting the chance now. There were moments on Sunday when Sid put the puck right where Kunitz would be… except Chris was in the press box eating nachos.  (The nachos are my assumption because Kuni is awesome and so are nachos.)


I have to believe if Neal can play against Dallas, he will.  You always want to look good when you see your ex.  And he probably got a little jealous when we picked Jamie Benn for Foxy Friday, what with all the fan-paigning you guys did.  That gold medal cannot have helped.  It sure would feel good to, I dunno, score a hat trick or have an 8-point night or something, right James?

Too much?


Our job today is to concentrate.  Levitate something.  Bend a spoon.  Control the universe, as I have been known to do on occasion and the Blackhawks do every summer.  Help return two key pieces to the Penguins battered lineup and ensure that Lindsay, Alison and I can witness greatness this weekend in Pittsburgh, both on and off the ice.  If this works, you all get promoted.

(Not you, Intern Jeff Skinner.)

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  1. vlahopg2 Reply

    Sitting here crossing all my fingers and toes (which makes typing difficult but that’s what pencils are for right?) that Lazy and 14 are back in time for the game against Dallas.

    Take a Monchichi for good luck.

  2. This is probably not going to win me any points around here, but I’m legitimately curious: Why is “who will Crosby play with?” such a BFD? Isn’t he the best player on the planet? I’m not disputing the power of chemistry, but the Penguins are a lock for the playoffs, Canada won the gold medal and Crosby is near the top of the league in points & assists and is #5 in goals. What more does this guy need?

    • Kristi Reply

      Unfortunately, he needs people who can keep up with him. He’s hockey-psychic, and most players aren’t. I will also admit that he’s hockey-psychotic, in an endearing sort of way that sometimes morphs into frustrating.

    • Pants Reply

      This is not an unreasonable question at all. It’s been a BFD since Crosby came into the League. The Pens have searched so hard for “a winger for Crosby” you’d think they were looking for the Holy Grail. Yes, he’s the best player on the planet. But he’s at his best when his passing is as dangerous (or more) as his scoring. To have that, he needs a guy or two up front who can finish. Kunitz is not a 31-goal scorer alongside any other player in the game. And Crosby’s solo goal-scoring ability diminishes when it’s obvious he’s the only guy who’s going to do it 99% (87%?) of the time. If teams only have to defend one guy, even if that guy is Crosby, their effectiveness skyrockets. It’s why Crosby and Malkin worked well together, but that’s almost too top-heavy. Solid wingers beside each of them double the offensive threat. The trick is consistency, which injuries have prevented. The Pens (and their fans) are just chasing the dream – what Sid could do in a full, healthy season with the same strong winger(s) on his line… ah, the sparkly possibilities.

      • OK, fair enough, but honestly, I’m not crying for Pittsburgh. Aside from my own team’s concerns, I have much more compassion for the line combo woes in Ottawa, Detroit, Vancouver, ‘Peg, etc. I’m always sorry for injuries to any player, but when you’re at the top of the league in nearly every category, it’s hard for me to bemoan the fact that Sid hasn’t been able to skate with his BFF in a while.

  3. Bullgirl Reply

    Big injuries take time from which to fully recover. And he is a valuable player. I’d rather see him well for the playoffs than rush him back. Take your time, get well. Come back firing fast and hard.

  4. Missy Reply

    Nealer doing that hair flip made my giggle and squirm in my genetics class! My professor noticed me and asked me what was funny. I said nothing and would have been embarrassed had I not been highly distracted by Neal.

    • Kate Reply

      I prefer my James Neal short haired but that hair flip is glorious.

  5. Kate Reply

    I need Kuni and Nealer to get back in the line-up so I can go back to focusing all of my happy, healthy healing, hockey thoughts on Pauly and Duper. Oh and Beau. And Tanger! My god, this team.

  6. Mandi Reply

    I need as many healthy Pens back for Saturday as possible with this patchwork lineup!
    Good vibes to all the boys, hope they bring it on Saturday.
    My niece is so excited for her first game she even made up her own song (to the tune of “Where is Thumpkin?!”) I hope they are all back and put on a good show!