Karaoke Night

I know we haven’t been posting that much lately – real life, jobs, bills, snore – but if there were ever something to focus our attention, it’s singing.  The Avs did their lip sync thing, now the Winnipeg Jets are raising the stakes.

Pass The Mic – Episode 7

They’re singing Frozen.


Or they’re trying, before dissolving into giggles.  This is how I imagine the in-theater Frozen sing-alongs went, if you could hear anyone else over my Oscar-winning performance.


Sadly, Zach Bogosian declines to serenade us with a Luke Bryan song, mostly because he can’t hold a note and that bicep flex at the same time.


Shirt by Saran Wrap.

Now I don’t know who any of these other guys are, and they are having none of Jacob Trouba on the microphone, but maybe it’s time to watch a Jets game.


Mark Stuart likes the 80s and 90s… probably because he’s Sean William Scott wearing a shoe polish beard.  Right?  Stifler can skate, we saw Goon.


Think about it – have you seen Seann William Scott lately?

Since no one else wants to sing, let’s go back to this:

Trouba and  Scheifele.  High School Musical.  Pitch Perfect.  How to get invited to the WUYS Prom.


Winnipeg makes a different player host each episode of Pass The Mic – a genius idea. So many possibilities for awkwardness and jockstrap backgrounds.

You can watch the rest starting with Episode 1, hosted by Tight Shirt Bogosian himself and discussing Movember mustaches – with Stifler, again.


Right? I am right.

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  1. Megan Reply

    Frozen? Pitch Perfect? High School Musical? Who are these guys and how do I get invited to Jets Movie Night?!?!

    This made me laugh so much. A much needed giggle on a stress filled Wednesday. Thanks Ladies!

  2. ambitiouspants Reply

    THIS VIDEO IS SO DELIGHTFUL. Ahhhhhhhhh the singing! The nose-tapping! The unusually high levels of genuinely attractive men!! Trouba being weirdly likeable!! I’m gonna need to go on a Jets fiesta, this is the worst…

    Not captured in screencaps but Pavelec shyly being enthusiastic about Springsteen might actually be my favorite part :3333333333333

  3. Kate Reply

    Aaaand this is why you’re my favorite blog. I’m learning all about new players and new teams via their witty banter, great chemistry and adorable singalongs to High School Musical! That Jacob Trouba is a national treasure. How adorable is he?

  4. Pants Reply

    Now that I’m singing Frozen, enjoy this totally non-hockey related piece of brilliance: The FROZEN Honest Trailer. Hahah, ‘The YOLO Song.”

  5. Bogosian is perfection: “No, Jacob, that would be creepy.”

    I cannot stop giggling at the fact that Mark Scheifele has the musical taste of a 12 year old girl. This is right up there with finding out that Carl Hagelin’s go-to karaoke material is the Backstreet Boys. Tell me you wouldn’t shell out cash to see him belt out “I Want It That Way.”

    • Kierstan Reply

      Whaaaat? Hagelin doing Backstreet Boys karaoke? How have I not heard this before? I guess you learn something new every day. Damn right I’d shell out cash to see that. He is very easy on the eyes.

  6. Miabi Reply

    Looks like some new Foxy Friday fodder!! Thanks for making me laugh really hard.

  7. Bibi Reply

    Jacob Trouba and Mark Scheifele are pretty adorable together 😀

  8. Cassy Reply

    I was once really rude to Mark Stuart in real life as he was being a bit of a rude ass. This was shortly after I tried to wish Zdeno Chara a happy birthday (Slovak fail) and had my picture taken with Bergy. I’m sure I don’t have to go back into what a car crash of fangirldom THAT was 😉