Rock Your Body

As promised, Joffrey Lupul is naked in ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue. Saved it from Puck Daddy because they named the file “nakedlupul1.jpg.” His name is still Joffrey, which is unfortunate.  I bet he gets chills whenever Arya whispers her list. Here’s a whole gallery of behind the scenes photos from this year’s Body Issue […]

Up Close and…

Check out these gorgeous pictures from Carmen Mandato Photography. Large, hi-res versions are on the website along with a few shots of other teams. People have asked if she’ll have prints available for sale.  She’s on Facebook too. God, don’t you just love hockey?  And wish you had longer eyelashes?  And feel relieved that no […]

Picture Perfect

Gabe Landeskog is featured in McDonald’s presents Time Out in Sports Illustrated, the same one that featured Intern Jeff Skinner a while back. We sent Jeff out of the office before watching this because he gets a little jealous.   Jealous of Gabe, I mean.  Not our reactions to Gabe, which are mostly me giggling […]

The 20/20 Experience

There was a moment in last night’s Caps’ game when Mike Green scored and I yelled, “I love you, you crazy looking hipster!” Now I see this and it’s all OneRepublic in here, “Is it too late to apologiiiiiiiiiize?” Deb (@DLF1021), what would I do without you sending me things? Mike is featured in this […]

Loosen Up My Buttons

We should get paid to test the critical mass of Twitter’s servers because when things like this happen, we do it for free. Jonathan Toews in today’s SPLASH Magazine from the Chicago Sun-Times. Is he in the shower?  What kind of newspaper insert is this?  It’s like the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog you have to be 18 […]

Skates, Plates & Prom Dates

Sweetie, your prom date is here. You’re dad’s thinking, “Whew.  My daughter’s safe with this dork.” Sorry to be late – the Penguins annual Skates & Plates benefit was a few days ago.  You know, the one where they get dressed up and try not to drop food on themselves, people, the floor give us […]

Buzz the Tower

Does the Tampa Bay Lightning team insurance cover mass heart attack when Steven Stamkos Tweets this picture? My kind of climate crisis. Before the close up, you have to sign a waiver saying it’s not my fault if you pass out, hit your head and prance off into an unconscious remake of Top Gun. Shirtless […]

Cosmo Ain’t Got Nothin’…

“… to do with my selection.” – Sir Mix-a-Lot, Baby Got Back JEEZ.  I go away and hockey throws a party like the Project X kids and burns down the whole neighborhood!  First things first – this Cosmopolitan list of the Hottest NHL players. Hahahahaha!  Watching Grey’s Anatomy does not make me a doctor, so let’s not […]

Foxy Friday: THIS

Whatever you’re doing right now, just stop.  It’s ruined.  Along with everything else in your life that isn’t this picture or a chocolate-freaking-milkshake into which you drown your feelings about this picture. From The Fourth Period magazine, courtesy of Alison (@alisonsykora) Takeover Day. You know the little girl in the movie Annie who says, “Oh […]

All I Want for Christmas is…

SANTA, YOU LISTENED! Dear sweet Mother of I Don’t Know What I Did to Deserve This but your girl here was apparently on the REALLY REALLY NICE list this year, and Christmas is a little early. I screamed when I saw these.  My boss came running and found me face down on my desk pointing […]

Carrying the Banner

Esbee (@Esbee92) might have the greatest Twitter self-description ever: “I like boys. And hockey. And boys. Did I mention hockey?” She was lovely enough to scan the current issue of The Hockey News for us, after I searched the entire east coast of the United States for a copy.  No dice. I know that reading […]

Sweden is Trying to Kill Us

If I had a TARDIS, where would I go right now? If our office has security cameras, it would be worth it to get the footage of my reaction to this picture.  It resembled being electrocuted. Somewhere, Mike Green is depressed.  He hates it when Nicky goes out with better looking guys. Deb (@DLF1021), I […]

Foxy Friday: Stalberg & Shaw

ACK! Chuck and I have been so busy at our real jobs that we’re late in posting some of the very best stuff I’ve ever seen from a hockey summer.  Let’s start with the most important thing. I posted a photo of this, but that is not even close to the proper pedestal on which […]

Sweet Home, Chicago

We will have some firsthand (sadly not my hands) reports from the Blackhawks Convention going on right now in Chicago. Unless this photo causes the end of the interwebs. Oh yeah. It was nice knowing you.

Foxy Friday – Kris Letang

How have we never not done him? Well, I mean a Foxy Friday at least? Cause I’ve .. well. Anywho. Hot mess of hockey hair goo-goo-goodness is EVERYTHING a Foxy Friday should be and more. If a picture speaks a 1000 words then it’s a wonder the internet hasn’t exploded when a picture of this man is […]

A Little Less Conversation…

Oh Brad Richards.  Did I fail to realize, in the blinding dazzle of your Foxy Friday teeth, that you are in fact insufferably boring?  Am I judging you too harshly (based on this one interview)? Check out Brad’s photo shoot and feature about about posing starkers for ESPN Magazine’s “The Body Issue”… in which he […]

Foxy Friday: Brad Richards

Please tell me you know this song: That’s Brad Richards’ song.  Depending on the street – is Henrik on the street?  And he is, in fact, a part-time model. ESPN Magazine announced this year’s “Body Issue” athletes, and Brad will get starkers for some lucky, probably unappreciative cameraperson.  Last year it was Kesler, whom Jess […]

NHL Awards: Hot. Mess.

Did everyone enjoy the Nickelback Convention last night?  The Awkard Turtle Unfunny Comedy Tour? There were a few bright spots, like Will Arnett.  Especially when he shanabanned Ovi for blocking Brooks Laich’s parking spot and sentencing him to ride on the back of Mike Green’s scooter. WHY CAN’T THIS BE REAL LIFE? While peering between […]

You Give Us ABBA and I Raise You A LMFAO – Viktor

I’m in love AGAIN! But that’s OK. It happens all the time. Y’all are used to it by now. With the hunt for Lord Stanley in full swing the rest of the World has this going on. Look closely for the dancing ping pong players circling in the background. There are better things I can […]

I Love Twitter – Episode 74

I actually said, “Baby Jesus in the manger.” when I saw this. For the record, Gator is fine. She saw this last night and didn’t even mention it.  In fact, no one mentioned it. I thought we were friends, you guys!!! And Karl too, of course.  These two are so freaking precious. Here’s Zac’s story […]