I Love Twitter – Episode 74

I actually said, “Baby Jesus in the manger.” when I saw this.

For the record, Gator is fine. She saw this last night and didn’t even mention it.  In fact, no one mentioned it. I thought we were friends, you guys!!!

And Karl too, of course.  These two are so freaking precious.

Here’s Zac’s story [link, video] and how you can support his fight against cancer.

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  1. *whines* Paaaaannntttsss!
    Stop making me like the Caps!! This is so not cool. My heart just melted. MELTED! For Caps players….what is this world coming to?!

    • If it’s the apocalypse, I think Captain America, er… Carlson wants to lift some heavy things that are blocking your escape route. He will save the world.

  2. Pants: Making me love in players I don’t want to love since 2011.

    Well played Madame. No one can resist hockey players + white hotel sheets.

  3. Deanna Reply

    iCarly in bed… oh my God, I think I just fainted for a minute