Sweden is Trying to Kill Us

If I had a TARDIS, where would I go right now?

If our office has security cameras, it would be worth it to get the footage of my reaction to this picture.  It resembled being electrocuted.

Somewhere, Mike Green is depressed.  He hates it when Nicky goes out with better looking guys.

Deb (@DLF1021), I am buying so many beers at our Flyers game that you’ll be climbing over the glass.  Thank you for making my day, and stopping all work.

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  1. God bless. News of Sweden’s finest never fails to brighten my day.

  2. I’m quitting my job and moving to Sweden. Viktor Stalberg, you’ve ruined me for all other men and we haven’t even met.


    Just me or is Backstrom looking a little Pippi Longstocking in that photo…

  4. Nicky doesn’t stand a chance when in the vicinity of the gorgeous hunk of man that is Viktor Stalberg. His handlers have to carry around giant sized spatulas to scrape the melted puddles of swooning women off the ground after he gets within 15 feet of them.

  5. Casey Reply

    I’m moving to Sweden!

  6. Ladies… Just bringing it back that I was present for Stalberg’s foray into Magic Mikeness. And y’all think he ruined all men for YOU??

    • Oh Trust! I was there too! Completely spoiled 😛

  7. Hilary Reply

    Stalberg’s smile alone is enough to kill. 🙂