One Last Thing

I hate to say ‘it’s almost that time of year,’ but with about 10 games left in the regular season, we’ll soon say goodbye to some of our favorites. And hello to their off-season golf shorts, boats-on-lakes and selfies.  Amirite? Before it’s over, a last look at some players we haven’t looked at in a […]

The Island of Misfit Boys

Here you are in your Team Whatever jersey, wearing patriotic mittens, when you find out one (or more) of your favorite NHL players didn’t make their respective Olympic team.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For two solid weeks in February, you’re invited to our party. Okay, it’s probably going to look more like this: But […]

America. Heck Yeah.

Or something like that. Allow me to share my unpopular American opinion: I am pro-Canada when it comes to Olympic men’s hockey.  I don’t care if the NSA turns their cell phone recorders on me, but my heart goes with my favorite players on their biggest stage.  We Americans win a lot in every Olympics. […]

Foxy Friday: Instagram

Last week, it was glasses.  This week, we are continuing with our salute to inanimate foxiness by honoring one of our favorite apps, Instagram.   In case you’re not hip to the Instagram, it is an online photo/video-sharing & social networking services that lets users take photos, apply a digital filter, upload them, and share […]

Champs for Charity

While the East Coast was stockpiling batteries and Twizzlers on Friday in anticipation of Frankenstormpocalypse, the Chicago Blackhawks and friends were playing in the Champs for Charity hockey game. Photos from the Chicago Tribune  They look as happy as I feel, and I wasn’t even there!  All it takes is a little hockey.  Even Jon […]

Getting Through Days

I seem to have failed, through all the posts and games and screaming fits, to truly appreciate one aspect of hockey’s influence on my life: stress relief.  Sure I get worked up about the games – rip a pillow, maybe throw a shoe – but it vents all my work frustration at the same time. […]

The One You Can Still Win

So your team didn’t get Parise, Suter, Nash, Weber or any of the other u/r free agents rolling around in their money this summer.  It’s not over yet. Bobby Ryan still needs a home. from  If you haven’t heard a rumor about B-Ry being traded to your team, then you’re the only one.  Red […]

All of the Lights

You want fireworks?  The Minnesota Wild celebrated the 4th of July in true American fashion: endeavoring to increase their attractiveness by 100%.  Maybe they want to win some games too.  Their holiday shopping spree picked up Zach Parise and Ryan Suter in matching (how appropriate) 13-year, $98 million contracts.  Well done, America. Twitter was at […]

Foxy Friday: Bobby Ryan

New Jersey’s own Bobby “Silver” Ryan is a gem.  He could be Foxy Friday based solely on his Tweets or on this photo alone.  But no, Bobby has both. We never stood a chance. There were 1.2 billion trade rumors about Bobby earlier this season, but he is staying put in Anaheim.  This team has a […]

My life. So hard.

Things I Love:  America.  Twitter.  Hockey. And whoever made this .gif on Tumblr:

The NHL Awards Nearly Kill Us

I alternate between muting and leaving the room when I’m uncomfortable with what’s on TV.  So I watched the NHL Awards in fits and starts and really tried to only listen when a player was talking. The show was fairly agonizing, featuring some of the flattest jokes possible.  I generally think Jay Mohr’s pretty funny […]