Foxy Friday: Instagram

Last week, it was glasses.  This week, we are continuing with our salute to inanimate foxiness by honoring one of our favorite apps, Instagram.


In case you’re not hip to the Instagram, it is an online photo/video-sharing & social networking services that lets users take photos, apply a digital filter, upload them, and share them with the world.

There are well over 30 million accounts on Instagram, and while the majority of them seem to be teenage girls taking countless selfies making the duck face or people taking photos of their food (of which I am guilty), there are a few accounts that truly capture our attention – the NHL hockey player.

Their accounts aren’t run by some publicist or PR team.

It isn’t some slick marketing tool.

It’s just regular dudes, being silly and taking photos of their lives.

Instagram is foxy because it gives us, as fans, a snapshot into who these players are off the ice.

Instagram is foxy because it endears these super human athletes to us more.

Instragram is also foxy because it provides endless entertainment, in pictographic form.

Here are a few of our faves –

b_ryan9 – Bobby Ryan.  Lots of photos of adorable cats.

photo (3)

hank30nyr – Henrik Lundqvist. No explanation needed.

photo (5)

EMALKIN71_  – Geno Malkin.  Lots of photos of him being Russian and hilarious.

photo (2)

No52 – Mike Green.  All things hipster.

photo (1)

colbycohen36 – Colby Cohen.  A boy and his golden retriever.

photo (6)

bollig87 – Brandon Bollig. Beards. Babies.  Chicago.

photo (8)

jlupul – Joffrey Lupul.  Many photos of him looking exceptionally attractive. But sadly none from the Body Issue.


DD2527 – Dustin Penner. I love him so hard. So incredibly hard. Can’t we just date already?

photo (4)

harryz87 – Harry Zolnierczyk.  This photo alone is worth the follow.

photo (9)

tseguin92 – Tyler Seguin.  Recently reactivated.  Nearly not enough photos of Marshall.

photo (7)


It’s said that 58 photos and a new user is gained every second on Instagram.  So where are you, NHLers?

Time to get on your photo on!

So WUYS, what your favorite NHL instagram account?  Share it with us in the comments section!

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  1. Wax Reply

    Alex Galchenyuk records his life, his thoughts, his adventures, his sister. While being Russianish and hilarious.

  2. I love that Bobby Ryan loves his cats so unabashedly when pretty much every other hockey player is a dog person (except of course for Zenon Konopka and his pawesome bunny).

    As for my faves, I don’t know that I can pick one, but I’m partial to brichards_1991, brandonprust8, bbickell & guddy44 (the last 2 feature lots of pups, so that’s always going to get my attention).

  3. Ack, wait, I totally failed to mention shaw65 and most importantly, biznasty, the king of NHL social media. Biz’s Twitter & Instagram are better than any antidepressant.

    • Beth Reply

      Totally agree! Biz posts the best stuff! He is the most entertaining NHLer to follow on social media.

  4. Jessica Reply

    So excited for Segsy’s instagram even though it is obviously a horrible idea…

  5. I am so happy you mentioned Harry Z! I’ve been in love with him since he was a wee Flyers prospect 2 years ago. The worst part? He totally knew it. I’m glad he’s making his way to the top on Instagram. Other notable mentions : shaneobrien5, coltongillies, supshall9, nthompson44, steveoleksy, and yaksss64.

  6. Maura Reply

    Gotta go with Geno. I don’t think even Russians can understand his captions. Plus, the glasses and the pictures with the random plastic penguins have increased my level of interest in his account exponentially.

    Although I must say, Sexy Seguin is a cllllooooose second. Despite the fact that, yes, more pictures of Marshall are needed. And I wouldn’t even be mad if a video of him partying with Freddy Bender found it’s way into my feed.

  7. Beth Reply

    Let’s not forget the beautiful tpyatt14 either.

  8. I think you’re forgetting our favorite young Penguin, Beau Bennett! Beaubennett78

  9. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    Beau Bennett (beabennett78) is starting be one of my favorites. From his tag line of “Profession eater but I will be playing hockey today,” to Beau in a tutu, his adventures in Vegas and even sloths, yes sloths, he has some of the best pics and comments. Look out Geno!

  10. Alex Reply

    I love Beau Bennett’s account <33333

  11. Rhonda Reply

    Brad Richards instagram looks like what I imagine rich people’s lives look like….all beautiful views and sunsets.

    He’s also posted a picture of himself holding his baby niece and referring to himself as “Uncle Richy”…

  12. AB Reply

    I also like John Carlson’s account. But I want to take a moment to mourn over the fact so many of them have private IG accounts. I would love to see what Landeskog and Giroux have in their accounts, along with Erik Johnson. Erik Johnson is very entertaining with the sarcastic humor and I love his interactions with teammates on twitter. His IG has to be gold.

    Honorable mention goes to all of Landeskog’s Swedish friends who post so many good pics of him.

  13. Sasha Reply

    Does anyone know what Gabriel Landeskog’s actual Instagram is? I looked him up and there seem to be a lot of accounts aka a lot of fakes.

    • AB Reply

      Landeskog’s actual account is bossekrull. The profile pic is his dad’s dog with wearing his WC gold medal.