The One You Can Still Win

So your team didn’t get Parise, Suter, Nash, Weber or any of the other u/r free agents rolling around in their money this summer.  It’s not over yet.

Bobby Ryan still needs a home.


 If you haven’t heard a rumor about B-Ry being traded to your team, then you’re the only one.  Red Wings, Flyers, Senators… heck, we could use another intern.  And we like cats.

Hang in there a few more weeks and the adorable/hilarious category on your team could runneth over.  Think of all the great Tweets throughout the season, and the possibility that he’ll do a fashion show in your city.

(Sorry we’ve been so quiet lately – we really are swamped!  I wasn’t kidding about another intern.  As soon as we dig out, there are just so many fun photos to share… stay tuned.)


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  1. Heather Evans Reply

    Depending on what the Ducks would want for B-Ry in a trade, I’m all for seeing him in Black & Vegas Gold! The hidden extra bonus to adding B-Ry to my team would be how utterly PISSED OFF Philly fans would be! Since he’s from there, they seem to think it’s a done deal. Then again, based on Zippy & Suter’s move this offseason, I guess that isn’t necessarily out of the question.

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    He’s precious and I’m glad you guys just reminded everybody accordingly. Teams should be swordfighting to get him right now. Ridiculous.

  3. Julie Reply

    If everything else fails, he could play stunts for Scarlett Johansson.

  4. Rebecca Guilbert Reply

    I don’t want to lose any of my beloved Bruins, but I realllly want him on my team!!!