Foxy Friday: Bobby Ryan

New Jersey’s own Bobby “Silver” Ryan is a gem.  He could be Foxy Friday based solely on his Tweets or on this photo alone.  But no, Bobby has both.

We never stood a chance.

There were 1.2 billion trade rumors about Bobby earlier this season, but he is staying put in Anaheim.  This team has a lot of fun even if they don’t win as much as they used to.  Case in point: Hula hooping (and Getzlaf’s little dog, hahahahahaha.)

You can YouTube the Ryan vs. Ryan videos from the 2010 Olympics – they are gold, even if this Bobby isn’t.  And you’ve gotta get Bobby’s Life Lessons from Twitter:

Not surprisingly, Bobby’s pretty good with girls:

And he knows how to have a good time:

We agree with Bobby on a great many things:

Except when he is Team Edward:

He made up for it by Tweeting this photo:

Not bad considering...

All this aside, Bobby Ryan had a seriously traumatic and troubled childhood.  You can read about it here and just marvel at how a kid came from this to seem so nice and normal.  His hockey talent is a gift, but he overcame a lot for the chance to put it to work.

Bobby has 10 goals and 7 assists on the season.  Anaheim is seriously struggling, with the second-worst record in the League and only 23 points.  They hired Bruce Boudreau fresh from the firing squad, so hopefully BB can turn things around for this team.  They certainly have the talent, the sense of humor and (in my experience) the coldest arena in the NHL.  They won the Cup in ’07 – wow, it seems like much longer.  Those of us who’ve lived in SoCal could get behind another Ducks victory and we’d like it to include this guy.

Homework: Gongshow Hockey’s visit to Bobby’s house in Idaho [link].

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    • I just read the review… Bobby Ryan, be my boyfriend! So funny 🙂

  1. Excellent choice, Pants. Well deserving of the Foxy Friday honor.

    Amazing story. Amazing skill. Amazing sense of humor.

  2. AYF Reply

    Love B Ryan and ya can’t beat those tweets.

    Love B Ryan almost as much as I love WUSY!

    Wishing everyone a happy, safe, and hockey-filled holiday season.

  3. Ezra Reply

    I just realized Bobby’s Idaho home is about 4 miles down the road from me. I’m gonna go see if he’s home or if he made it to Chicago for the game tonight.

  4. Bobby Ryan is totally my Twitter boyfriend. Although, he and Cory Perry, and Jon Hamm for that matter, we’re completely invisible to me at the bar in Vegas because Jonathan Toews was at the next table.*

    *Humblebrag. ANY excuse to tell that story.

  5. Melissa Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! For giving the Anaheim Ducks some much needed love! I grew up in Anaheim but now live in Maryland so I only get to see my boys once a year.

    Love to WUYS for Foxy Friday Bobby Ryan!

  6. Cassy Reply

    New West Coast love: BRy. Official. It may have something to do with those tweets. Or (more likely) – the cats.

    I may have to start supporting the Ducks as my West Coast guilty pleasure….

  7. I wasn’t too in to him before, but that picture of him cuddling with his cats did it for me.
    And the blue eyes. Those blue eyes are the sinker.

  8. Excellent Foxy Friday choice.
    Gotta love a Jersey boy 🙂