Faraway, So Close!

Last night the Flyers and Sabres each played their 24th games, marking the halfway point of the 2013 regular season.  The rest of the teams will cross that number shortly.  Can you believe it’s halfway over? After missing hockey for so long, this season has run me over like a truck. During the lockout I […]

Foxy Friday: Adam McQuaid

Mullets.  Eyebrows.  Fights. Three things we love and post about probably more often than is normal.  But we can’t help it. And when you have all three AT THE SAME TIME – well, we’re just smitten.  We must honor you with our most prestigious award. This week’s Foxy Friday is Adam McQuaid of the Boston Bruins This […]

Mr. Tall, Dark & Hockey

Last Valentine’s Day, we brought you a crash course in finding the perfect date.  This year, Chuck is rewriting her Match.com profile and under “What You’re Looking For,” she’s including this: Hey, they said be specific. So for another round of the Hallmark Holiday, we’re talking about What a Girl Wants – NHL Edition.  Get […]


When WUYS is suddenly mentioned in 47 new Tweets in an hour, there’s only one possible reason: Workout video. When 46 of those messages are in ALL CAPS, I know without reading: It’s the Blackhawks. Here’s the video.  It takes an extra moment to load, presumably because the internet paused to fan itself back into consciousness. […]

By the Beard of Zanon!

No secret that Pants and I appreciated a good beard, especially come playoff time. So you can imagine my utter delight when I saw this while watching the Stars vs. Avalanche game last night. GREAT ODIN’S RAVEN! Now that is a beard! It redefines the term “Fear the Beard”.  With the helmet on, this thing […]

Birthday Boy: Tyler Seguin

January 31, 2013. The day we’ve all been waiting patiently for. The day we’ll all feel slightly less creepy staring at photos of men 10+ years younger than us. Today is Tyler Seguin’s birthday. And not just any birthday, but his 21st birthday. Shots of Patron for everybody! Oh lord, help us all. People of […]

Professor vs. Intern

So apparently Patrice Bergeron and Intern Jeff Skinner got into a “scrum” at the end of the Bruins/Hurricanes game last night. This was our reaction. I know.  I can’t stop laughing either.  So much hilarity. My feed didn’t actually show the fight because it happened behind the play and Tyler Seguin happened to be on his way […]

Birthday Boy: Wayne Gretzky

As a hockey blog, we would be remissed if we didn’t give a big, huge birthday shout out to the one…the only…the greatest of all time (aka the GOAT)… Mr. Wayne Gretzky The Great One turns 52 years  young today!  Born January 26, 1961 in Brantford, Ontario, Gretzky is without a doubt the best player […]

Five Things – Bruins vs. Rangers

Last night, the Bruins squared off against the Rangers for the 2nd time this young season. Unfortunately, the Bruins lost (or fortunately, the Rangers won, depending on how you look at it) in OT. This game had it all.  A hat trick. Saves. Blocked shots. A geek fight. And a boy named Dougie. Thing #1 […]

Back In Action

Some things are perfect. (Thanks Alison!) Okay, everything is perfect. All hockey, all weekend long.  Did you enjoy it?  Did you camp out on the couch/floor, eating pizza and compounding four-letter words at the top of your lungs?  Did your husband say, “I forgot how crazy you are?”  (Mine did.) Because hockey is back. It […]

Foxy Friday: Ryan Malone

It’s been all Tampa Bay up in here this week so I thought of no better way to round out the week that with a Tampa Bay Lightning Foxy Friday! This week’s honoree – Ryan Malone Here are the stats on Mr. Malone – Born in Pittsburgh on December 1, 1979.  Not only is he […]

Cosmo Ain’t Got Nothin’…

“… to do with my selection.” – Sir Mix-a-Lot, Baby Got Back JEEZ.  I go away and hockey throws a party like the Project X kids and burns down the whole neighborhood!  First things first – this Cosmopolitan list of the Hottest NHL players. Hahahahaha!  Watching Grey’s Anatomy does not make me a doctor, so let’s not […]

Happy Eric Staal Day!

People are talking about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on 12.12.12, but we here at WUYS know how to party. Happy Eric Staal Day!   One of the worst things about this lockout is the delay of seeing Eric and Jordan on the same team.  This was going to be their year!  (Jordan got 11.11.11 […]

Before the Worst

You all know Crosby and Toews are two of the NHL players meeting with a group of owners today, sans Bettman and Fehr.  It could mean nothing or everything, but I really appreciate seeing these two still fighting.  They’ve given up their seasons too.  If they’d already gone to Europe I don’t know what hope […]

Decision 2012

We’ve already considered how John Hughes movies explain the world (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).  He wrote and/or directed the on-screen version of any teen-angst, awkward-crush, hysterically nervous feeling you can have.  Need more proof?   From the CCM Pro Summit Camp video in Vail, it’s Pretty in Pink: The Battle for Colorado. Starring […]

Happy Birthday, Pants!

Obligatory Birthday Post! Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend and hockey partner-in-crime, Pants! Now I know that this whole stupid lock out thing has got you depressed.  Hopefully these amazing gifs will cheer you up…  

Foxy Friday: The Future

With the NHL lockout looming over us like that creepy guy at work always looking over your shoulder at your computer, we’re starting to worry. A large part of our anxiety is that if the NHL does lockout, we will be denied a new shiny batch of Foxy Fridays to choose from.  And that is […]

Landeskog for President

Oh wait… He was born in Sweden. Since that won’t work, I guess we’ll just have to settle for “Captain.”  This is my Captain face. Today, the Avalanche made history by making the 19-year-old the youngest captain in NHL history. Take that, Sidney Crosby. Landeskog is 19 year, 286 days old – 11 days younger […]

Camp BioSteel: Day 3

Another day.  Another video from Camp BioSteel. Nealmobile! FINALLY!  We were beginning to wonder about him…. He looks like he just woke up and hasn’t had his Paul Martin omelet yet. Get that boy a bagel, stat. BTW – Love that guy’s stank face on the right. It’s as if he realizes he’ll never be […]

Foxy Friday: Furry and Fabulous

We all know that hockey players are foxy.  I mean, why else would we devote an entire blog day to them? Also foxy – the same hockey players with puppies. Seriously. I double dog dare you to find anything foxier. (Don’t even try.  Because you won’t.) This week’s Foxy Friday is dedicated to those furry […]