Foxy Friday: Ryan Malone

It’s been all Tampa Bay up in here this week so I thought of no better way to round out the week that with a Tampa Bay Lightning Foxy Friday!

This week’s honoree –

Ryan Malone

Malone, Ryan - glamour shot

Here are the stats on Mr. Malone –

  • Born in Pittsburgh on December 1, 1979.  Not only is he perfectly age-appropriate for Pants and I, we’re also pretty sure he loves maple bacon donuts. (BONUS!)
  • a strapping 6’4″ and 219 lbs. This is not a boy. This is a MAN.
  • 1st Pittsburgh area native to play for the Pens
  • He wears #12 in honor of his dad, Greg, who also played in the NHL
  • Career stats: 560 games played. 347 points (168 G, 179 A). A -45 +/- rating (way harsh, man). 600 minutes of shame. 24 game winning goals.

Now onto the real (and way more fun) Foxy Friday stats…

1. Ryan is affectionately know as “Busgy”.  As in Bugsy Malone. You know, that classic gangster movie acted out entirely by children and starring Scott Baio and Jodie Foster.  (Yes, this is a real movie. No, I’m not joking. Watch the entire film here)

2. He’s got this sort of Hey-Dude-Brah-Matthew-McConaughey thing going on and it is pretty damn endearing.  All that missing is a surf board and photos of him shirtless on the beach in Malibu.  Bongo playing optional.

Malone, Ryan - flow and tats

JK Livin’, man.

3. That “Yo-Adrian-Rocky-Balboa  smile.

Tampa Bay Lightning Media Day

Malone, Ryan - bench smile

4. I like a man whose not afraid to show us how much he loves us.

Malone, Ryan - stamkos love cam

5. He’s got sweet dance moves. Watch out, Justin Timberlake.

I’m bringing sexy back. Yeah!

6. He’s got famous Foxy Friday friends.

Geno: “This is how we say I love you in Russia.”

anything more presh than Stamkos’ face? I think not.

7. The tattoos.  Pants doesn’t like ’em, but I love them.  They’re pretty and colorful and completely distracting.

Malone, Ryan - tattoos

8. Although he is supporting the Evil Empire, I’m going to cut him some slack.  But ONLY because he has excellent flow and keeps excellent company. #longhairdontcare

Malone, Ryan - beisbol game

9. Watch out, James Neal, Claude Giroux, & Don Cherry. Ryan is giving you a run for your money. #plaidsuit

Malone, Ryan - the suit

10. He’s got a GGB – a GLORIOUS  ginger beard. Fingers crossed that the Lightning go far in the playoffs so we can see it in all its wonder.

Malone, Ryan - Ginger Beard

11. Sometimes, he rocks a mustache.  And I don’t hate it.  Not even one little bit.  He actually sort of works on him.

So there you have it, folks – Ryan Malone, this week’s Foxy Friday. Another worth addition to the Foxy Friday Fraternity.

He’s fuzzy.

He’s tatted up.

He looks like he’d be a whole lot of fun at your pool party.

And he’ll make you fall in love in with him.

Hey Gurl….


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  1. Pants Reply

    He flirts with Stamkos as much as I would. The man has impeccable humor and standards.

    • Stamkos’ face is hilarious. You know he likes it.

  2. Rhonda Reply

    I’m with Pants on the tattoo thing. A small one that means something is one thing, but when someone covers themselves with them they look like they should be operating a carnival ride somewhere.

    • So you are saying that Malone has small hands? Smells like cabbage?


  3. AMAZING choice! Damn Malone is FINE. That’s right…FINE. I’m all about the tats, and his GGB (which aught to become a thing around here, BTW) – the man is a gem. Well chosen ladies.

    And let’s raise a glass to another influx of Foxy Fridays with the season returning tomorrow! Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

  4. Deanna Reply

    Love the smile, love the tats, love the GGB… but he better watch out when he puts his hands on Stamkos, I think there’s a lot of ladies that would fight him for that 🙂

  5. Even my mom loves Ryan Malone, and she haaaaates tattoos.

  6. Well chosen. Sorry boys, I am all about the MENZ lately.

    • Holy Ab Directionals, Batman!