When WUYS is suddenly mentioned in 47 new Tweets in an hour, there’s only one possible reason: Workout video.


When 46 of those messages are in ALL CAPS, I know without reading:

It’s the Blackhawks.

Here’s the video.  It takes an extra moment to load, presumably because the internet paused to fan itself back into consciousness.


Between road games in San Jose and Phoenix, the Blackhawks thought an outdoor soccer and football workout would be fun.  Nothing says internet sensation like a bunch of pale Canadians with their shirts off in February! (Plus Kaner and Stalberg, who must be in their somewhere.)


Blackhawks TV is the best media output in the NHL.  They brought us Joey the Junior Reporter, ugly Christmas sweaters, everything.

Well, not quite everything – until now.


What was that?


Jonathan Toews would have been a QB if he were American. It’s just his style.

He doesn’t even use a resistance band, because none can contain him.


This workout was held at the University of Phoenix… yet I don’t see anyone around.  No one suddenly joined the track team?  Changed their major to stadium groundskeeping?  Impromtu lemonade stand body shots? For shame.


The Blackhawks aren’t just gratuitously fit and camera-friendly.  They are 8-0-2 on the season and lead the entire NHL with 18 points.

They have so much swag right now, they’re doing good deeds for other teams!  This is like sending the girls to the bar in hopes they’ll attract the bartender more quickly.  It’s practically a Blackhawks Bikini Car Wash.

If tonight’s game in Phoenix doesn’t have record ticket sales, there is literally nothing else the NHL can do.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Phoenix Coyotes

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  1. Rhonda Reply

    BHTV’s just doing this shit on purpose now.

  2. Scarlett Reply

    So many naked man chests.

  3. Jess texted me this morning saying “I have a hangover from that video.” It’s like it was a dream and I couldn’t believe it was real.

    And who titles that video “Football, Fitness and Fun”? Fun?? How about FLAILING? FANGIRLING? All profanity beginning with F???

    You know Jess and I are all about the JToews but seriously…Tumblr practically exploded after this. There’s so many gifs that I can’t tell WHOSE chests are whose. And let’s be clear – it doesn’t even matter.

    • My comment didn’t post, darnit! (Or I think it posted in the comments of that last picture. I am a technopeasant this morning). All of what Lindsay said is true. And then some. All other teams should just give up now. NOTHING can top this. EVER. It is my everything.

      • Or maybe every team should try and top this? Except for Phoenix. No one wants to see that.

  4. Glorious, just glorious! JToews is a hero! I think I’m gonna need a lie-down.

  5. jana Reply

    I only watched this video once. Just once. And I swear I never paused it when Toews was catching that football or when Carcillo was doing something with that towel or the push-ups or even during the interview with Sharp–with his shirt on!–so I could adequately admire his dark, perfectly messy hair.

    Yep. Just watched it once. I’m sticking to that.

  6. That chest bump at the end… *fans self*

  7. Did anyone else have “Over and Over” by Cheap Trick playing in their head?

  8. Amy Reply

    This video convinced my roommate that Jonathan Toews has THE best ass on the planet. And made her want to drive 5 hours from Columbus to a Hawks game in Chicago in April with me. She actually has a countdown to when we leave and she can see his ass in all of its glory.

  9. Chelsea Reply

    The only way the video could have possibly been better is if it was just 2 straight minutes of JT doing squats in nothing but spandex shorts. Alas, BHTV has to be fair to all the other media departments and limit their videos of Toews squatting by disguising them as “resistance band training” and “Football, Fitness, and Fun”. Seriously though, whoever runs the BH media department better be on the same pay scale as Toews and Kane. That person is a Hawks treasure.

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