Foxy Friday: The Future

With the NHL lockout looming over us like that creepy guy at work always looking over your shoulder at your computer, we’re starting to worry.

A large part of our anxiety is that if the NHL does lockout, we will be denied a new shiny batch of Foxy Fridays to choose from.  And that is just not fair.

For this week’s feature, we look at some rookies & top NHL draft picks looking to make it into the esteemed and exclusive Foxy Friday Fraternity.

Nail Yakupov – Edmonton Oilers

The new Russian Machine?

Brady Skjei – New York Rangers

Like this team needs any more reasons to get foxier.  The last name along is worthy.  Also, is it just me, or does he looks suspiciously like Ethan Embry’s little brother?

Henrik Samuelsson – Phoenix Coyotes

Swedish. Again, we say – what is in the water?!!??

Ryan Murray – Columbus Blue Jackets

The departure of Rick Nash has seriously depleted the foxy in Columbus. Enter Ryan Murray to save the day.

Cody Ceci – Ottawa Senators


Filip Forsberg – Washington Capitals


Justin Courtnall – Boston Bruins

Those eyes are peering into my soul…and I like it.

Tom Wilson – Washington Capitals

The hair. The face. The hair, again.

Look out, Mike Green.

So, who do you think deserves consideration as a future Foxy Friday? Any other rookies or draft picks you think we should include on this list?

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  1. jana Reply

    Well, hellooooo, Cody!

    Thanks, Chuck and Pants, I know have to worry about doing jail time thanks to the thoughts you’ve put into my head about these youngsters. 😉

    • We do not encourages these thoughts. We only present the facts and let you all decide.

      This is only one aspect of their bid to make it into Phi Phi Phi. We have to see how they play. If they suck, well then they don’t meet all the Foxy Friday criteria.

  2. Well done as always. Rookies are my FAVOURITE!

    I nominate Slater Koekkoek for addition to this list. I remember him being très charming on the TSN coverage of the combine, and he also looks like a 27 year old man I would like to date. And his name is SLATER KOEKKOEK.

      • I was thinking the same thing!!! And I did the math… And he might actually be :-/ Maybe that’s why there are also so many Zachs…

        And ohhhhh that is the most delightfully awkward draftee EVAR. He makes Skinny look like a total stud.

        • He’s committed to play for Providence College next year, so I’ll get to see him play a couple of time this season.

  3. Deanna Reply

    Ceci and Wilson… yep. Praying we have a season and actually get to watch them ALL play soon.

  4. MouthGuard Reply

    Ryan Murray. Tom Wilson. Justin Courtnall. Ryan Murray. Tom Wilson. Justin Courtnall. Ryan Murray. Tom Wilson. Justin Courtnall. Ryan Murray. Tom Wilson. Justin Courtnall. Ryan Murray. Tom Wilson. Justin Courtnall. Ryan Murray. Tom Wilson. Justin Courtnall.

    Murray is destined to be the league’s newest heartthrob du jour; for a change, this is somebody who looks approachable and enticing in a dweeby kinda way. Needs a new name, however. And it can’t be Jordan, Brendan, Brandon, Tyler, Zak, Zakkk, Alex or Ethan. I’m feeling Sylvester or Frank.

    Tom Wilson, on the other hand, is the beeotch who takes no prisoners on the ice or on a date. Brush up on your jiu-jitsu if he asks you out. He needs a new name, though. Too traveling salesman…

    And you just can’t deny Courtnall’s genes and college roots. It’s good times.

    There. Everybody else can pick the shaved and dangerous contingent from Sweden and you’ll be good to go. I would ditch Yakupov, though. Sorry, but the PIT sexting debacle won’t go away for me. I think of that every time I see his monobrow. He shaves/plucks it but it’s still there.

  5. New proposal: in the event of a lockout, we shall have a WUYS road trip to Sweden! Intern Jeff Skinner can help carry luggage and we can scope out some Swedes that won’t land us all in jail.

  6. Candace Reply

    Hey first comment just discovered your website. Really enjoy it!

    All go choices but I nominate Morgan Rielly orJake Gardiner. Also Ryan Strome or Lucas Lessio(Drafted by Phoenix).

    • Hi Candace! Welcome to our crazy little place on the interwebs.

      Thanks for the recommendations. We’ll have to check them out to confirm that they are Foxy Friday worthy.

  7. Pants Reply

    Tom Wilson better watch out during freshman year. Mike Green does not take kindly to someone challenging his title for World Dominating Hedgehog Hair.

    (God, it’s PERFECT. Just look at it! Welcome to DC, welcome again.)

    • MouthGuard Reply

      LOL Hedgehog Hair. 🙂

      I think you should dress up like a pineapple for your run tomorrow. Your arms and legs will be totally free and your headpiece will have a convenient chinstrap so it won’t be overly encumbering. The rest of you will roast like a overstuffed turkey, though… ???

    • Pants Reply

      Hmmmmm… Jordan who?

  8. Ashley Reply

    thank you for this. the future is looking bright.

  9. Heather Reply

    TOTALLY unrelated to the topic, but I HAD to tell ya’ll….TSegs FOLLOWED me on the Twitter this weekend!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😀

  10. Ohhhh, I second the Beau Bennett motion! Blue Eyes, Blond hair, HOT, aaaaaand he plays hockey AND its for the Pens?!?! Jackpot!
    I think we should throw Ryan Spooner and Jared Knight into the mix. Both pretty foxy, both have a good chance at making the B’s this year (well, lockout pending), and both are great with interacting with fans. I think I have a soft spot for Spooner after meeting him last year and him taking the time to sign and take a picture with my little cousin, but even more so after chatting with him the other day (gotta love twitter!) and him telling me how much he likes 50 shades of gray and gives it thumbs up! Haha!
    Also, anytime I hear his name all I want to respond with is “Spooner, I hardly know her!” I know, I know. Hahaha

  11. Stephanie Reply

    Anyone else look at these rookies and wonder which of them Princess Sass got to?