Foxy Friday: Farewell

There are three Fridays left in the regular season, and with that, it’s time to bite the bullet. We must bid adieu to some of our favorites, sending them off to summer with strict instructions for shirtless boat-selfies, colorful golf pants/plaid shorts and hey, if anyone wants to pour ice water over his head and post […]

Mi Kessel es Su Kessel

It’s starting.  In preparation for the Sochi Olympics and all you Americans who insist on rooting for America, we are… Before undertaking this Phil Kessel makeover reality TV show, perhaps we should have watched 24/7.  Perhaps Intern Jeff Skinner should stop terrorizing my team with multi-goal games and do some blogging so I can watch […]

Rock Your Body

As promised, Joffrey Lupul is naked in ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue. Saved it from Puck Daddy because they named the file “nakedlupul1.jpg.” His name is still Joffrey, which is unfortunate.  I bet he gets chills whenever Arya whispers her list. Here’s a whole gallery of behind the scenes photos from this year’s Body Issue […]

Get It Together

An open letter to the Boston Bruins….   Hey guys – Chuck here.  I know you have a Game 7 tonight so I just wanted to give you a few words of encouragement. Don’t F**K it up. Seriously. You had this  series.  You HAD it. You were up 3-1 in the series.  The Maple Leafs […]

One for the Road

For some teams, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are about building on a season’s worth of experience.  For others, the post-season is about  forgetting how you got there and starting over.  Before we get to ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to appreciate the NHL teams whose seasons will end tomorrow. Buffalo has been giving […]

Foxy Friday: Joffrey Lupul

Today I turned to the Twitterverse for my Foxy Friday inspiration. Our lovely followers came up with some fantastic choices, but there was one who stood out amongst the rest… Joffrey Douglas Sheldon Lupul We just don’t hand these out willy-nilly, you know, so why is Joffrey so deserving of the Foxy Friday honor? He’s […]

Birthday Boy: Luke Schenn

This is a day late.  Sorry!  But we’ve had a few requests for some Leafs love around here and I didn’t want to miss the perfect reason. Happy 22nd birthday, Luke Schenn! For his birthday, Luke had a fight in the game vs. New Jersey last night.  It’s pretty much a draw, but the Leafs […]

And He Won That Car

While you guys have been listening to me rave about James Neal  at an octave usually reserved for boybands and high school quarterbacks… The NHL’s other leading goal-scorer, Phil Kessel Cartman has 7 goals and 12 points in Toronto.  He’s historically a fast starter (as is the Nealmobile), only to experience huge production drops later. […]

Ovi Bought Me Coffee – Again!

I am so wearing ‘the outfit’ more … Especially during play-offs to STARBUCKS! A big shout out to Random Maple Leaf Fan this AM who bought my Venti Earl Gray Tea Latte. You made my morning after the LA KINGS lost a heart-braker to San Jose last night. 🙁 You also made me laugh when […]

Oh NOVI Didn't Part 300!

Ovi played Babe Ruth tonight as he pointed towards the goal with his magic stick and blasted his 300th goal past Toronto net-minder Reimer! This puts Ovechkin into some super sweet company making him the 6th youngest NHL player EVER to make the milestone – with Gretzky, Lemieux, Hawerchuk, Bossy, Yzerman and now Ovechkin. A face […]

Boston Bruins…they be doing big things

Peter Chiarelli, Cam Neely, and the Bruins made some big moves today, ahead of the February 28th deadline. They FINALLY did the deal to bring puck-moving Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle to Boston in exchange for Bruins prospect forward Joe Colborne and a 1st round draft pick in 2011.  The deal also stipulates that should […]

Most Creative Fans?

The Toronto Maple Leafs fans are so upset with their team they’re throwing things.  Waffles, to be exact.  Read more. I can totally explain this.  One year my mom got a new waffle iron and went nuts.  Waffles are a breakfast delight, but she was not so contained.  We had waffles with soup, waffles topped […]