Boston Bruins…they be doing big things

Peter Chiarelli, Cam Neely, and the Bruins made some big moves today, ahead of the February 28th deadline.

They FINALLY did the deal to bring puck-moving Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle to Boston in exchange for Bruins prospect forward Joe Colborne and a 1st round draft pick in 2011.  The deal also stipulates that should the Bs make it to the Stanley Cup Finals this year or re-sign Kaberle at the end of this season, they must also hand over a 2nd round draft pick in 2012.

He's so excited!

Kaberle is in his 12th NHL season and has 3 goals, 35 assists, and 16 penalty minutes.  He’s decently sized (6’1″, 214lbs) but he is exactly what the Bruins have been lacking on their power play since Dennis Wideman left.  Kaberle can move the puck and work the point.  Since the trade rumors started maybe a a week or couple of weeks ago, I’m been praying to sweet little baby Jesus in his tuxedo t-shirt that the Bs would make this move.  Kaberle will be with the team tonight (Friday) in Ottawa and will wear #12.  (His #15 was not available as it was Milt Schmidt’s number which is retired and hanging in the Garden rafters.)

In his presser this afternoon, Chiarelli did mention that it was very hard for them to let go of top prospect Colborne.  Although he has yet to make his NHL debut, Colborne was a player that the team was very high on.  He’s a beast – 6’5″, 213 lbs – and was their first round pick in 2008.  Chiarelli mentioned that he and other front office personnel called Colborne personally to tell him.

Bruins also picked speedy centerman Rich Peverley and defenseman Boris Valabik from the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for defenseman Mark Stuart and forward Blake “Wheels” Wheeler.  Peverley gives the Bs added speed and crazy faceoff winning skills (55.5% of faceoffs won).  He has 14 goals and 20 assists this season and will join the team on the 20th.  Valabik will go down to Providence to join the Bruins’ minor league affiliate.

While I am a little bummed that “Wheels” is gone (because I liked him as a player), I’m very happy and optimistic that the Bruins have made some positive changes to their line up.  With the addition of Chris Kelly from Ottawa earlier this week, the Bs look to have put together a strong team with which to make their playoff run.  Add into the mix 4 solid lines that can score and the best goaltending duo in the league and this girl is one happy bear!


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  1. Cassy Reply

    I think it’s some good changes, tho as I said to you earlier i thought it would be Ryder that went.

    All we have to do now is wait and see how it all gels together. But, yeah, magic! And my teddy, Patrice (also on FB) is as happy as this Scottish Bear!! And you!

  2. Nice post, really enjoyed the read. This Kaberle trade is definitely an interesting one as the Bruins are getting someone who is a free agent at the end of the season, so essentially he is a rental player. I’m not a big fan of rental players because anything short of a stanley cup is a failure when you acquire a rental player so even though they have two 1st rounders we don’t know if giving away these prospects and draft picks could come back to haunt the Bruins. Kaberle is a very solid player, but the Leafs must have been happy to get a pretty solid package for him. I think the Leafs did a very good job with the trade and it could even be one of those win-win types of trades. But only time will tell I guess. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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  4. Thanks for the nice words, Chris.

    From all the reports that I am reading, the Bruins made this trade with the intentions of re-signing Kaberle at the end of the season.

    Kaberle was just interviewed on the ice and he said that Bruins were his top choice to be traded to…which I think is a good sign. Who knows – it could be a total lie, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I definitely feel that the Leafs are just looking to build up their young talent pool. You’re right – its a total wait and see sort of situation. Let’s talk in 3 years.

  5. Jones Reply

    I feel for anyone who has to face Boston’s PP now. Kaberle feeding Chara? RUN AND HIDE.

    Glad that this finally got done, and I think it’s a good deal for both teams. Yeah, Kaberle’s going into UFA, but he’s a good guy, loyal soldier type (witness his fidelty through umpteen years of no playoff hockey in Toronto) and if Boston treats him well I don’t know why he wouldn’t stay. It would be nice to see him finally get a Cup.

    On the other side, Colborne sounds like a bit of a project (needs to learn to make use of his size apparently?), but the Leafs are all about projects right now. More projects than a junior high science fair! Hopefully in three years or so it’ll be blue ribbons out the wazoo, and not just some soggy bristol board and a baking soda volcano that fails to erupt.
    Plus, a 1st round pick. Everyone loves those, even though it’ll be late.

  6. dawncherrie Reply

    Can I just say the Bruins have THE BEST ad campaign EVER! This BEAR is AWESOME and I was totally dancing like this last night in SJ … which made me got told to sit down! HA! Good job Chuck!

    • Cassy Reply

      We B’s fans LOVE the Bear. I live for new ads. My fave one is ‘Holiday Gifts’ 😀