Foxy Friday: Joffrey Lupul

Today I turned to the Twitterverse for my Foxy Friday inspiration.

Our lovely followers came up with some fantastic choices, but there was one who stood out amongst the rest…

Joffrey Douglas Sheldon Lupul

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We just don’t hand these out willy-nilly, you know, so why is Joffrey so deserving of the Foxy Friday honor?

  • He’s 6’1″, 206lbs.
  • 28 years old, born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
  • He is TEARIN IT UP for the Leafs this season.  13 goals, 19 assists.  32 points, which puts him as #4 in the league.  Certainly doesn’t hurt that Cartman Phil Kessel is on your line.

    Big time.

  • Drafted 7th overall in the 2002 Entry Draft.  You know who was the #1 pick that year?  The one and only Rick Nash.
  • First player to score a playoff hat-trick in Anaheim franchise history.
  • First player to score four playoff goals in one game, including an overtime winner.
  • First player to score all four of his team’s goals in a playoff game.
  • He has managed to come back from some serious and scary injuries, a spinal cord contusion and an a blood infection after back surgery that would keep him out almost a year. 
  • He spells his name all weird.  And we dig it.

That's J-O-F-F...Yea, I know its weird. Just go with it...

  • He enjoys playing the guitar.  We’d gladly allow him to serenade us.  Pants likes the love songs of the Barenaked Ladies.  I love me the song stylings of Hall & Oates.

    We're totally taking this show on the road. WORLD TOUR!

  • He is on the twitter – @jlupul.  And you all know how we feel about hockey players on twitter – tweet GOLD .
They only THINK I'm Canadian...

They only THINK I'm Canadian...

Foxy Friday Bonus

Check out Joffrey’s crib when he was playing with the Flyers.  

He loves guacamole.  

So do we.

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  1. Loops is an excellent choice, Chuck. I liked him in Anaheim and hated the way that ended – they pretty much waited for him to get valuable again and shipped him out the second they could get a dollar for him. BOOOO. Anyway, he seems happy with the Leafs and he scores some very pretty goals.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Oh lookie there… I will be seeing him tonight.

    • Anonymous Reply

      but Bob Errey says you can’t trust him because his name is a palindrome…….

  2. @Lorelei6903 Reply

    I tried to nominate Matt Niskanen for foxy Friday, but my email to you guys kept bouncing back as undeliverable!! Anyway, since most of the Pens D is out, I’ve be fixated on Nisky, especially since he put the beat down on Marchand Tuesday nite (sorry I know you’re Boston fans) LOL! But maybe you’d keep him in mind for the future Friday installments. I’m not familiar with a lot of other players from around the NHL, but this guy-WOW. Hott guy + guitar=swoon:D

    • You can always reach us on twitter @WhatsUp_YaSieve

      oh nos…our email is rebelling. Were you sending it to pants [at] or chuck [at]

      • @Lorelei6903 Reply

        I tried to send it from my yahoo email to this past Wednesday b/c I wanted to try to give u enough to to consider Nisky:) Thanks for replying.

        • @Lorelei6903 Reply

          correction: enough time to…

    • I’m a Pens fan and I fully approve of Nisky giving Marchand the beat down. And of Nisky in general. We’ll get him soon for Foxy Friday!

    • He did beat down Marchand. But Marchand is so tiny. Squirrel should have never challenged Niskanen in the first place.

  3. Umm.. did you read my mind? I had a tweet all written out — thought I hit send and then didn’t realize until 2 hours later that I didn’t. I totally suggested Lupul —in the tweet I didnt send…

  4. Gemma Reply

    Am I glad to see this pretty face here right now? I only stare at it any moment I can. He is amazing for the Leafs which is a plus 😀