Get It Together

An open letter to the Boston Bruins….


Hey guys –

Chuck here.  I know you have a Game 7 tonight so I just wanted to give you a few words of encouragement.

Don’t F**K it up.


You had this  series.  You HAD it.

You were up 3-1 in the series.  The Maple Leafs team is good good, but not THAT good.

You started off with domination…then have slowly disintegrated like the Death Star after Luke and Rogue Squadron had at it.

Every time James Reimer saves yet another Tyler Seguin shot, I feel this.

Whenever you don’t take that shot when you clearly have the opportunity, I feel this.

I’m over it, Bruins.  Time to man up and make this happen.

Give me what I want!

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  1. PS – So help me god, if you don’t start crashing the net to capitalize on the 307598475 rebounds Reimer gives up, I will drive to Boston and smack all of you. Don’t you dare make me cry tonight.

    Reserving my love until the end of this game,

  2. Pants Reply

    Hahaha, Bert. That’s a great one.

  3. jana Reply



    PS Going down to the Leafs? Please god no.

  5. It’s funny how the playoffs brings out a hatred for teams you never knew you had. I now, like the rest of non-Ontario Canada, hate the Leafs.

  6. Kitkat Reply

    This is perfection.

  7. I’m going to sit here in my apartment and just chant “THANK YOU SE-GUIN” until puck drop.

    • Rebecca Guilbert Reply

      The only way that chant even made sense is if you’re all thanking him for doing jack shit this series….

      • Okay Becca, IT WAS A JOKE.

        I get that everyone is stressed about this series, but we can still have fun with each other even if we’re on opposite sides, no?

        • Rebecca Guilbert Reply

          omg, I didn’t mean that in a mean way! I just meant that that is literally all that was going through my head when I heard it. Because let’s be honest, he went from pretty much single handedly dominating the Leafs to well, looking really scared of them. And hell, if I were a Leafs fan, I’d be saying it too!

          • Would that be Seguin shaking like a leaf?

            Sorry, it was just too easy.

        • Rebecca Guilbert Reply

          See, now this is why saying things over the internet can suck sometimes…

          • No harm, no foul! I think you know how I feel about the stupid “Thank you, Kessel” chant, so I was just playing on that. Honestly, us Leafs fans are just so happy to even be in the playoffs again, this series is pretty much a fairy tale and I’m loving every minute of it. (Even if it is super stressful and makes me want to cry at times.)

            And Brenda – I think I finally understand where Drake was trying to go with his tree shaking metaphor tweet last night now, haha!

  8. Rebecca Guilbert Reply

    This times a billion and what Liz said!!!

  9. drea Reply

    I’m getting too old for this sh*t.