Now That Was Fun

I wrote 90% of this before the the All-Star Game started last night, and changed very little afterward.  My opinion was the same: Best ASG weekend ever.  Sure the setup is wonky, the events kind of hokey. Who cares? It’s supposed to be fun, and dammit, it was really fun!   Thanks to the players […]

Foxy (Almost) Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge

We really miss hockey, but it’s safe to say this off-season is going down in history.  Best ever?  Well, it’s not the worst and I’m not waiting for Friday. The Ice Bucket Challenge began in July in support of ALS research.  Read more about it here and hire Frates & Quinn for more marketing campaigns.  The movement […]

Hey, Big Spender.

GAH. Chuck keeps posting pictures of Westlife from a hundred years ago and now the Oilers are back and my boyband meter is off the charts.  Intern Jeff Skinner might get sent to Krispy Kreme to pickup lunch. This week is the 3rd Annual Jordan Eberle & Friends golf tournament for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation.  The event included […]

Oh, Edmonton.

If you want to feel old, watch the Oilers. If you want to feel even older, fall asleep during an Oilers game and know that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins stayed up later than you did. Pre-game interview, Post-game interview He also scored a goal in his first game back from shoulder surgery, which catalyzed the Oilers to a […]

Summer’s Almost Gone

I cannot go away for one second!  It’s like Toy Story in here – I go outside and everything suddenly comes to life.  Where to begin? #TeamEbs took over the NHL Instagram account and used the opportunity to make fun of Molly Ringwald. Our favorite boy band also introduced an act at the Canadian Country […]

Birthday Boy: RNH

Guess who turns 20 today? Wait, who? Gabe, who has the best eyebrows in hockey? And what does he tell “visitors” who want to stay past curfew? Does that line actually work? How often does he need an excuse? Yeah, we can kinda see it. As de facto stand-in Headmistress of #TeamRNH (until we find […]

Bring the Action

If this little girl could read, I’d swear she was reading our Tweets from last night:   It was a big game for #TeamEbs and the reunited Kid Line in St. Louis!  Jordan had two beautiful goals.  He almost scored his first NHL hat trick on a breakaway, but he and Taylor heard  @amandalitty was […]

Foxy Friday: Rump Shaker

Welcome to the Land of Nothing Left to Talk About, where I dredge the internet for blog topics.  Today, I got a kick out of these: From First of all, who researches these pants?  Do they go around measuring hockey players?  Or better yet, is there a back room and one of those tailor […]

Anything You Can Do…

On Thursday, 12/27 Taylor Hall scored a hat trick.  Exciting, right?   Almost as exciting as Ebs’ NYE hat trick – 3 goals in 3 minutes!    Showoff. [Post-Game Interview] #TeamEbs Not to be outdone, Molly Ringwald leads the entire World Junior tournament with 11 points in 4 games.  Team Canada will face Team USA in […]

Beauty and a Beat

Today’s productivity will officially be… SQUAT. Please tell me this CCM Pro Summit camp in Vail back in November was like regular summer camp, and they’re rehearsing an end-of-season Talent Show dance routine.  Kellerman’s, anyone?  I carry a mean watermelon. Look at Duchene desperately trying to avert his eyes.  Look away, look away… or just […]

Make It Happen

Chuck had a dream last night that Jordan Eberle was her boyfriend.  Normally I would say that my work here is done, but Ebs and Co. will not be satisfied until they 1) lead the AHL and 2) convert you all. There’s still one holdout, she’s over there. The OKC Barons have won their last […]

Ooooooklahoma! (I had to.)

Well someone’s playing hockey – and having a lot of fun doing it. If you think that I saw this link on Twitter last night, got out of bed and went to my computer to watch it with better video quality, you guessed right! Emilio Estevez – Post-Game [link] In which he calls a teammate […]

Mikey Monday: Missed It

It’s Monday, and the first of October.  I expected to be writing about pre-season games and the fact that in 10 days, the regular season would start on my birthday.  Followed by the Caps home opener on October 12, Mike’s birthday. Instead, we’re still on golf. I’ll admit it: I saw this picture several times […]

Pro Summit Camp

In case you were getting nervous about the CBA deadline looming on Saturday, somewhere in Colorado… Crosbot, Gabe the Babe, Talbot, Duchene, Tavares and RNH were traning at Pro Summit Camp. That short of breath feeling has nothing to do with altitude, y’all. It’s just like summer camp, with Max as head counselor.  There are […]

Up Close and Personal

I don’t know where the last month has gone and I have completely neglected to put up this guest post by the lovely Jessica W!  Since @amandalitty is going to her first ever NHL game tomorrow – Blackhawks vs. Penguins (way to peak too soon!) – here’s a play-by-play of Jess getting to see her beloved […]