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If this little girl could read, I’d swear she was reading our Tweets from last night:


It was a big game for #TeamEbs and the reunited Kid Line in St. Louis!  Jordan had two beautiful goals.  He almost scored his first NHL hat trick on a breakaway, but he and Taylor heard  @amandalitty was having a tough day and let #TeamHall score it on the rebound.  That’s what friends are for.


Remember when Ebs told Cabbie that his To Do List included, “Get in a better fight than Nuge” this year?  THAT WAS A JOKE, RIGHT?

ebs fightGoals, like drinks, make guys think they can do crazy things. 

The Oilers got all 3 goals on the first 7 shots – they had only 19 in the game, compared to 43 by St. Louis.  YIKES.  That’s why the three stars were:


With so much talent, it’s tough to believe Edmonton ranks 12th in the West and 22nd overall.  The Kid Line has just 19 total goals on the season.  The Oilers are tied (with NYR) for 26th on offense, averaging 2.34 goals per game.  Their defense is middling (18th), giving up 2.75 goals against/game – but the bigger issue is shots.  Edmonton gives up more than any team in the League – 33+ per game.  That’s a lot of reliance on goaltending and a lot of time in the wrong zone.

We need more of this:



rnh1 .gifs by

Throw in some Schultz and Gagne, Yakupov and Hemsky, shake and voila: boyband hockey hugs.

hugs .gif by

I said it before the season started and I’m saying it again: The Oilers are going to make the playoffs (for the first time since ’06 when they lost in the Cup final to Carolina).

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  1. There is definitely an Edmonton Oilers boyband side project in the works.

    The “What Makes You Beautiful” dance-off last week was just part of the open auditions.

    • I watched it, and DIED.
      For anyone who is unaware, here is the video. At least two-thirds of the views were me.

      • This video – combined with his use of #dirtythirty as a hashtag has completely sealed my love for Ryan Whitney.

  2. Ashley Reply

    i hope they make the playoffs. only 1 more month of getting to watch these guys play together isn’t enough!

    playoffs first, debut album later.

    • Pants Reply

      “playoffs first, debut album later.”

      Words to live by.

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