Oh, Edmonton.

If you want to feel old, watch the Oilers.

If you want to feel even older, fall asleep during an Oilers game and know that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins stayed up later than you did.

rnh2Pre-game interviewPost-game interview

He also scored a goal in his first game back from shoulder surgery, which catalyzed the Oilers to a 4-goal comeback and shootout win.

Thanks #TeamRNH.  Next time can you do that before, say, 11:30 PM Eastern?


#TeamHallsy also had a goal because Amanda bought a shirt with his number on it yesterday.  It’s like a gift with purchase (crooked hat not included).

hall Pre-game interview

Of course, #TeamEbs had the shootout winner.  Not to brag.

The Oilers new coach, Dallas Eakins, stood behind the bench and freakishly resembled the 10th (and best) Doctor Who.


Now to the fun stuff.  Thanks to everyone who sent this video of the Oilers Amazing Race.  Someday I will be on the real Amazing Race, and eliminated on day 1 because I cannot drive a stick shift.  It’s a recurring nightmare of mine.

The Oilers required no such skills… just a stretch SUV to deliver them.

suvHorrible decision, re-think immediately.

Not that I’m #TeamHallsy anyway, but obviously we’d make a terrible pair on the roads.  At least Yakupov is a worse driver than we are.

gokartThat’s a wall.

Hey, look what is an actual thing and not just #TeamShultz!  It’s the other Schultz (Nick), though.


Our #TeamSchultz is here, demonstrating horrendous 80’s movie-inspired karaoke skills.  I qualify for ALL of these teams.

schultz2Ryan’s into it.  He’s almost got jazz hands there.

Meanwhile #TeamEbs says, “I’ll just be over here, wearing my boyfriendsweater.”


And Sam Gagner replies, “Got nothing on my Hobbitsweater.”


This one’s for Chuck, plus Lindsay (#TeamGagner – can we just call it #TeamSam?) and Alison (#TeamSchultz).  Good luck ever getting produce, ladies.  Self-checkout is not for the faint of heart.  I’d feel better if Sam wore a cage 100% of the time to protect his broken jaw.

There is, of course, a moment in this event where WUYS took over planning and art direction.  That would be the Paddleboard Competition.


Everybody wins.

So welcome back Nuge, to the game, and the Oilers to the thrill of victory.  May you be disturbingly adorable all season.


Really, stop it.  You’re 12.


Keep it up, Oilers TV and you could make a run at Blackhawks TV for our favorite team marketing tool.  Rubber duckies are a good start, but you’ve got a long way to go to top Joey the Junior Reporter.

Please note, I have tagged this post PUPPIES!

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  1. yay! someone agrees with me that the 10th doctor is the coach of my oilers… #puppies, indeed.

  2. I’m sorrrrrrrry. You expected me to look past Andrew Ference’s almost-full sleeve of tattoos? Sam who?

    Sorry, I’m kidding. Not really though. #TeamSam all the way! Just don’t tell any of my fellow Calgarians. They get violent when they hear about Oiler love!

  3. So.. who will we now nickname Goose, Maverick, and Iceman?

  4. That Girl Reply

    Ohdeers. How can someone so young have a voice that delicious? I mean deep— I mean deliciously deep? Ohdeers. #mustsopupwithbiscuit #imoldenoughtobehismama #comehomewithmeeee #illfeeeedyou #andthentuckyouintobed #withmeeee damn my lack of inner monologue.

  5. I wasn’t going to jinx it, but I totally knew me finally buying a Hallsy shersey would send some positive energy to Hallsy!

  6. Ashley Reply

    i didn’t read this post at first, as i am a devils fan and was too sad to even scroll down from the headline after that loss… but boy am i glad i came back to check it out because — ebs! shirtless ebs! shirtless ebs and duckies!

  7. Alexis Reply

    While I agree with the comparison between the Tenth doctor and Dallas Eakins, I must respectfully argue that due to his dorky cuteness, Matt Smith’s doctor is the best current doctor. 😉 Geronimo!

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