Summer’s Almost Gone

I cannot go away for one second!  It’s like Toy Story in here – I go outside and everything suddenly comes to life.  Where to begin? #TeamEbs took over the NHL Instagram account and used the opportunity to make fun of Molly Ringwald. Our favorite boy band also introduced an act at the Canadian Country […]

#CAMP – Day 3

#CAMP BioSteel Day 3 has come and gone and I’m still wondering what it is we’re supposed to “figure out.” Then at :46 of this video, I stopped caring.   Biz, you can sell me a car anytime.  (I prefer the Mazda 3.)   And just because I can…

#CAMP – Day 2

#Camp Video, Day 2.   All you need to know is… Damn it, Dallas. Only kidding!  Thankyouverymuch, Stars. Also HI JOEL WARD!!! And Hal Gill never ages.  Is BioSteel really embalming fluid?  Because the man doesn’t look a day over 28 (he’s 38). Okay, have at it.   Nealer was interviewed on TSN last night […]


It’s time for the best #CAMP we never went to: Camp BioSteel. Exhibit A: James Neal pulling something heavy, showing off his short hair. The photo’s from this Globe and Mail story about James aiming to impress at Olympic Camp.  As in “James might not make the Olympic team.” Don’t even play. The goal of […]

More Moments, Please.

If you put all of my favorite things into one of those lottery machines and gave it a few spins, what are the odds that these four things would fall out? Stamkos #TeamEbs Cabbie Coca-Cola The answer would be zero, but that’s already the name of this campaign. These two will star in the next […]

Fever Pitch

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here!  Chuck has been swamped and I’ve been away for work.  Luckily the internet is everywhere, even during the off-season. Last week the Rangers, Devils and Islanders promoted the pair of outdoor games they’ll play at Yankee Stadium in January as part of the NHL’s Stadium Series. Welcome to […]

Foxy Friday: These Pants

Some weeks are rough.  Chuck has worked 60 hours already and it’s not even noon.  I’ve had a few days that I could have done without.  We’re all mildly panicking because it’s August and we need to wear every dress and pair of open-toed heels before the weather turns.  We are not tan enough, haven’t […]

Foxy Friday: David Rundblad

With a name like @letsgofriday, she should know how to pick a Foxy Friday.  And boy did she ever. Foxy Friday: David Rundblad I have never (ever, not once) heard of this guy.  That’s pretty rare.  So I Googled him and this popped up: First thought: Where has he been all our Fridays?! Second thought: […]

Summer Nights

Oh for heaven’s sake.  Come home from tropical vacation, depressed about going back to work?  Sidney Crosby to the rescue. [Sorry y’all, copyrighted photos from this post were removed by request.  You’ll have the survive on screencaps from the CTV interview linked below.] Sid and Brand Marchand took part in the Phoenix Night of Champions […]

15 Will Get You 20

Social media dilemma of the day: You have 15 seconds.  How best to use it? Correct answer: Gabe Landeskog workout video Push-ups, floor pull-ups, TRX abs and patty cake while wearing an Avalanche shirt sized youth XL.  All from a place that is actually called: Meet you guys at the airport. There’s also this video, […]

Some Things Never Change

It’s going to be a long summer of Tumblr and Instagram and whatever you guys send us, but doesn’t it make you happy to know that even in summer things are the same? Somewhere in California, Sidney Crosby is assaulting pockets in a sports store where he never expected there to be a girl. (Source: […]

Be Smarter.

If you want something in life, it’s best just to ask for it. Today, I’m asking for a lot: BE SMARTER. In case you missed the late night (Eastern time) Twitter riot , the LA Kings gave control of their account to KROQ radio host Kevin Ryder for the second period of Game 4 vs. […]

About Last Night…

MEMO FROM CHUCK’S DESK Oh what fresh HELL is this! The last 12 hours have been a roller coaster of emotions. First, the drama of the Bruins/Candiens game. Never ceases to amaze me how these games can take me to the height of joy down to the bitter pit of despair so many time in […]

14 Going on 140

Today, we have a new lunchtime poll. Don’t be jealous of our shoulderpads. Where is the line between sass and being an ass when it comes to a team’s official Twitter account? From last night’s game You all know that during last year’s playoff run, the Kings Twitter feed was better than a lot of […]

Southern Hospitality

How can a hockey game be better than a hockey game? When there’s tailgating. Us on a nicer day (next time). The fantastic folks of @Section328 invited me and my friends to their pre-game party on our Raleigh Road Trip.  Rainy, cold weather could not stop them from setting up the tent and busting out the Chicken […]

Foxy Friday: Love Actually

On January 6, pretty much every team posted the standard NHL announcement on the end of the lockout.  Doubtless the human beings at the other end of those Twitter accounts were doing backflips and splits like the rest of us, but officially they had to toe the line. Here’s what the players said.  These guys […]

Intern Desk: Couples Retreat?

The lockout is making people CRAZY.  First Toews is using a baseball bat for hockey and Giroux, a golf club.  Crosby’s wandering free in civilian clothes, striking fear into the heart of pockets everywhere (and fangirl sobs into ours).  Patrick Kane took his mom to Switzerland, for heaven’s sake. Now I’ve figured out where Intern […]

Yup. Still Here.

The NHLPA and NHL cannot get anything done.  Neither can I.   Only the reasons are different. The NHL sees this photo and says: So you think you can dance? The NHLPA posts this photo and says: Goonies never say die. I see this photo and say: Where is my damn Mexicola, Intern Jeff Skinner?! […]

Getting Through Days

I seem to have failed, through all the posts and games and screaming fits, to truly appreciate one aspect of hockey’s influence on my life: stress relief.  Sure I get worked up about the games – rip a pillow, maybe throw a shoe – but it vents all my work frustration at the same time. […]

Sid’s Secret Weapon

The girls are all in a tizz on the Twitter over this Crosby video, and now I can finally see why.  DAMN COLORADO, what is in your water?  Is that why Gabe is so Gabe all the time?  We thought it was Sweden. Sid has never looked better… he even seems fit to burst out […]