Foxy Friday: David Rundblad

With a name like @letsgofriday, she should know how to pick a Foxy Friday.  And boy did she ever.

Foxy Friday: David Rundblad

I have never (ever, not once) heard of this guy.  That’s pretty rare.  So I Googled him and this popped up:

David Rundblad

First thought: Where has he been all our Fridays?!

Second thought: Obviously in One Direction.  (I don’t really know who those guys are either, but @alisonsykora is teaching me.)

Third thought: Oh, PHOENIX.  No wonder I don’t know him.

David Rundblad was drafted by the Blues in ’09, started in the NHL with the Senators and was traded to Phoenix.  The last two seasons he played mostly with the AHL’s Portland Pirates. He became an RFA this summer and on Monday was re-signed by the Coyotes to a two-year deal [link].  The team is definitely staying in Phoenix (at least that long), so now you know what to look for.


The best thing about European guys is that they are so unabashedly European.

While sunbathing in the 1950s:


While eating a sandwich:


While wearing jorts:


While posing for nautical-themed black and white photos :


While doing this interview and further proving that Swedes are allergic to shirts:


Jeeeeeeez this guy is a gold mine!


The Swedes could singlehandedly ruin our fun with NHL roster photos by looking like this on school picture day:


Somewhere in here should probably be something about hockey.

David is a defenseman, 6’2″, 190 lbs.  He was born October 8 (right before me), 1990 (okay, not) and so is 22 years old.  He did make his NHL debut on my birthday (October 11) in 2011 vs. Minnesota and notched his first NHL point in a game I was at (October 15) vs. Washington.

St. Louis traded David to Ottawa on June 25, 2010 for the 16th overall draft pick.  The Blues promptly used that pick to draft highly-touted prospect Vladimir Tarasenko.  The debate over this trade is a whole can of worms you can read about online.  For the record, David’s career stats:


Hey, it’s July.  Let’s get back to the pictures.

david13Boy Band Hair 101


David’s currently listed on the Coyotes active roster, so expect to see him as early as September 15 (pre-season) or October 3 for the start of the regular season [schedule].  With their new arena lease in place [link], maybe the Coyotes could use some 50-foot high advertising banners.

We suggest this face.  That’ll sell some tickets.


Thanks to @letsgofriday for the very foxy suggestion.  Chuck lives another week without seeing Phil Kessel featured here.

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  1. ASDFGHJKLMNBVCXZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am definitely going to visit when she moves the Phoenix now.

    Also the Portland Pirates are definitely a gold mine. Not only do they have Andy Miele (who also just signed with the Coyotes) who is beyond presh on the twitter, they also have us THIS:

    • Err… That should say I’m definitely going to visit Jana when she moves to Phoenix.

      • jana Reply

        HA! Just seeing this. YES! As soon as I get there and it’s hockey season, you’re booking a ticket and we’re getting game tix! I hear they’re cheap and easy to get … Uh, the tickets. Not us. 😉

    • Amanda Reply

      HE IS 22.

      • And your point is?

  2. Beth Reply

    Ok seriously, I just need to move to Sweden already.

  3. This just took my Friday from about a 3 to an 11. Thank you, Sweden & WUYS.

  4. Scarlett Reply


  5. Amanda Reply

    Good. Lord.
    In my next life can I have him?

  6. Gaby Reply

    Where has he been all my life? Seriously, Sweden must have an illegal factory producing perfect, beautiful men. How else can you explain the extremely high number of hockey players with sparking eyes and perfect coifs?

  7. Sasha Reply

    Dang he is CUTE! Now I know which country I’m going to be moving to . . .

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