It’s time for the best #CAMP we never went to: Camp BioSteel.

Exhibit A: James Neal pulling something heavy, showing off his short hair.


The photo’s from this Globe and Mail story about James aiming to impress at Olympic Camp.  As in “James might not make the Olympic team.”

Don’t even play.

The goal of #CAMP is for these players to be more than ready for training camp, which starts on Sunday for Team Canada.  That camp is in Calgary.  All packed, James?  Including Lindsay’s phone number for emergencies?


I cleverly arranged to tag from this to show you James’ #CAMP shirt and shorts.  I thought, “Oh cute, it’s required.”  But Stamkos lurking on the left there isn’t wearing head-to-toe team gear like a super excited college freshman, so… oh who cares.  There’s just enough tattoo showing to distract us.

Biosteel has long loved us as much as we love them, and shows it by putting together these videos.


There’s a lovely skate-by from Stammer at 1:27 to remind you a) how graceful he is and b) he wears pants with lightning bolts on them for a living.

I love hockey.


Follow BioSteel Sports on Instagram (instagram.com/biosteelsports) and Twitter (@BioSteelSports).   Hope you hadn’t planned on working today.

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  1. MB Reply

    I’ve been staring at the BioSteel stuff since yesterday! Thanks for making it easier — all in one place. Especially James and his (annual and overdue) back-to-school haircut. At this rate, I may not survive until the big game on Thursday! 🙂

  2. God Bless BioSteel and their genius marketing staff. They know just what we like.

    Slow motion workouts.

  3. ~ ceej Reply

    That hair… Mmmmm. Perfect. Run my hands through it length. Right girls? Still juuuust long enough for a twirl around the finger…? Sigh… I’m in love. Definitely. If only I could have been a mouse in the corner the day he cut it so as to steal a lock for myself. (Oooh, is that borderline creepy? Did I say that out loud?) Well, I’m sure his mama must be relieved that he looks nice and clean cut now.

  4. I should write a very impassioned letter to Hallsy asking why he does not have the time to attend Camp BioSteel because the lack of Hallsy this summer is making me NUTS.
    MAYBE the Oilers would be doing better if Hallsy was attending Camp. MAYBE.
    I’m done.

  5. Meghan Reply

    Can we just comment on Nealer’s SECOND tattoo? When did that pop up??

      • ~ not ceej clearly an imposter Reply

        Pants, if it would be possible for you to repost that Foxy Friday say… Once every few weeks for us… Perhaps like a doctor’s prescription? Yes! That’s it! Sig 1 James Neal Foxy Friday Post for… Mild Hysteria? Repeat PRN! Sigh… (Dang it! I said it out loud again, didn’t I?)

  6. Meghan Reply

    See, I thought he had just added onto that one, and that was what we get a peek at every now and then. Obviously more research is needed. 😉