Fever Pitch

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here!  Chuck has been swamped and I’ve been away for work.  Luckily the internet is everywhere, even during the off-season.

Last week the Rangers, Devils and Islanders promoted the pair of outdoor games they’ll play at Yankee Stadium in January as part of the NHL’s Stadium Series.


Welcome to my nightmare: Yankees, Rangers, dead of northeastern winter. While I’d normally rather eat glass, the allure of outdoor hockey could convince even me to attend this game – if the NHL provides the required elements for keeping warm:

1) Snowsuit.  I wouldn’t be able to put my arms down, but who cares.  I don’t plan on clapping for any of these teams.


2) Hot chocolate.  Not just a cup, but an entire backpack dispenser brought directly to my seat.  (Like they do at the SF Giants baseball park, because it’s that cold there in summer.)

Ghiradelli hot chocolate backpack dispenser!

3) John Tavares.


Oh, does Tavares have to play?  Well I obviously don’t want the Rangers to win.  John & I can watch the NYR/Devils game together, then during NYR/NYI, I’ll just hug Chuck.

Interestingly, the A is missing from JT’s jersey.  NYR’s Callahan was wearing his C… could a team captaincy be in John’s near future?  Do the Isles want to learn about sedimentary rock strata and other Earth Science topics during road trips?  I think they do.

Plus, who rocks a polo shirt better than a middle school teacher?


Sorry John, I can’t hear over how good your hair looks.  How does anyone learn anything in your class?


In case you missed the Tweetspaz where I spammed everyone with a flurry of JT91 photos from this event, here you go.  If you saw that, well here’s video to make it even better.  You can even have this story about lil’ John playing backyard hockey to the point of hypothermia with mini-Sam Gagner [link].


There’s a whole post worth of hockey players wearing Yankees hats (Mike Green, Viktor Stalberg, the list is horribly endless).  They don’t realize they’re hurting us.

John, we know they made you do this.  (Video of first pitch. It’s precious.)


It’s not the first time. (Bonus: Video of the Mets first pitch.)

New York Yankees v New York Mets

 Or the best time. (This one was not coerced.)


What’s that, Hockey News Yearbook cover that was *just* Tweeted (and forwarded by Lindsay)?  You think John’s going to have a great year?


I certainly hope so.  Only him though, not the Isles, because it’s getting REALLY crowded here in the Metropolitan Division with the Penguins, Capitals, Hurricanes… GAH.  At least I have clear priorities.

I’ll never actually root for the Islanders.  Right?

johntavares from mistfarer, tagged #boyfriendfilter

Crap.  Well someone’s got to play the Flyers.


There were other players/teams at this event, and I know some of you care about them.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.



For the Isles fans – I don’t know what Athletes Quarterly is, but I probably should.  This is adorable.


Now, is it October yet?


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  1. Farah Reply

    Pfff, Northeast winter. Its not even cold there. Now, Wild vs. Blackhawks at TCF or Soldier Field (or even better, LAMBEAU!)would be cold. Aaand I would be there. Because it would be awesome.

  2. THAT GIF. I’m trying to restrain myself from licking the computer monitor. Now, off to find a cupcake at 9:40 am…Tavares for boyfriend of the year!!

  3. Beth Reply

    Tavares has good hair, but it will never be as good as Lundqvist’s hair. So fluffy and prettah. Sigh…where are you October?

  4. Mistfarer Reply

    The internet needs more Johnny posts. ALL the Johnny posts.

    (Also, you guys totally have blanket permission to use any/all of my gifs, but I would really, really appreciate it if you guys don’t link to my tumblr here for fannish reasons. Thank you!)

    • Pants Reply

      Thanks! I removed the tag. Tumblr isn’t sending my Asks right now, but as soon as it does you’ll probably have one from me for this very reason. Hope it didn’t send ten times!

  5. January will be the best month ever. I must attend both. Pants, if it makes you feel any better, I was at the Winter Classic in Philly and I wasn’t cold at all, despite not wearing a winter coat (just a thermal, a long-sleeved tee & a jersey with a hat, scarf & gloves). I’m happy to host pre- or post-game boozy hot chocolates in Astoria.