Some Things Never Change

It’s going to be a long summer of Tumblr and Instagram and whatever you guys send us, but doesn’t it make you happy to know that even in summer things are the same?

Somewhere in California, Sidney Crosby is assaulting pockets in a sports store where he never expected there to be a girl.

sidstagram(Source: Instagram)

Somewhere in Pittsburgh, Paul Martin and James Neal are wearing matching shirts.  James shrunk his in the dryer – or he bought it that way.  Or we bought it for him.

paulmartSource: Instagram

Somewhere after baseball, James Neal is wearing plaid.

neal2 (Source: Instagram)

Somewhere on Twitter, #TeamEbs and #TeamHall are sassing each other.


Somewhere else on Twitter, Katy Perry knows what’s up.  Gabe should’ve sent her a selfie.

katy perry

Somewhere on the internet, the Blackhawks are giving us the best content.

toewsHawks All-Access: Travel Gallery

While somewhere in Boston, the Bruins Instagram is paying attention.

And somewhere in the future (of later today), Game 4 will probably go to overtime.  I didn’t get to watch the last two games but I’ll be tuning in tonight, hoping it’s just me the Hawks need to get another win.

How are you guys holding up now that it’s summer?

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  1. Hopefully in somewhere Puerto Rico, there are NHLers in their off season hanging around for me to run into 🙂

    • Pants Reply

      “… and waving his hands around.” I love it!

      Also, the way he is sitting.

  2. Jesus, I hope James is this fun when he comes back to Canada. If he ever comes back to Canada? James, why are you still in Pittsburgh? As if Scary Gary will ever let you have that much fun. Summer vacation’s almost over. Just don’t let us down, Gary Roberts. I expect big things from your Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter feeds, what with you training Neal/Stammer/MDZ. Don’t fail us now.

    • Pants Reply

      Intern Jeff Skinner is really upset you left him out of that wish list, Lindsay.

    • Amy Reply

      This member of #TeamGagner says thank you very much. :9

  3. Cassy Reply

    I know you hate me right now, but I was right about those black and whites of the Black and Gold, right?

    And I’m also sorry I asked for a Bruin Foxy Friday. During the playoffs. I shall hang my head in shame.

    Feel free to instruct Intern Jeff Skinner to turn my desk so I face the wall, confiscate my terrible towel and Crystal Light as penance.

    • Pants Reply

      We have, but we always like to see it again!! Alison even sent me a copy of this magazine, and I sent her bags of American jellybeans. We deal in real currency here at WUYS.