Team America

Okay, Team USA Hockey, I’m disappointed. While the internets, Alison and Lindsay, and our twitter feed is all a flutter with Team Canada’s Olympic Camp, all we’ve got from Team USA are crickets. Now we know that hockey is the #4 sport in this country and we’ve reluctantly come to terms with this but the […]

#CAMP – Day 3

#CAMP BioSteel Day 3 has come and gone and I’m still wondering what it is we’re supposed to “figure out.” Then at :46 of this video, I stopped caring.   Biz, you can sell me a car anytime.  (I prefer the Mazda 3.)   And just because I can…

#CAMP – Day 2

#Camp Video, Day 2.   All you need to know is… Damn it, Dallas. Only kidding!  Thankyouverymuch, Stars. Also HI JOEL WARD!!! And Hal Gill never ages.  Is BioSteel really embalming fluid?  Because the man doesn’t look a day over 28 (he’s 38). Okay, have at it.   Nealer was interviewed on TSN last night […]


It’s time for the best #CAMP we never went to: Camp BioSteel. Exhibit A: James Neal pulling something heavy, showing off his short hair. The photo’s from this Globe and Mail story about James aiming to impress at Olympic Camp.  As in “James might not make the Olympic team.” Don’t even play. The goal of […]

More Moments, Please.

If you put all of my favorite things into one of those lottery machines and gave it a few spins, what are the odds that these four things would fall out? Stamkos #TeamEbs Cabbie Coca-Cola The answer would be zero, but that’s already the name of this campaign. These two will star in the next […]

Fever Pitch

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here!  Chuck has been swamped and I’ve been away for work.  Luckily the internet is everywhere, even during the off-season. Last week the Rangers, Devils and Islanders promoted the pair of outdoor games they’ll play at Yankee Stadium in January as part of the NHL’s Stadium Series. Welcome to […]

Foxy Friday: Gary Roberts

I”ve never particularly enjoyed the gym.   Or running.  Or sweating of any kind, really. My preferred method of working out is swimming, 1) because I don’t feel myself sweating and 2) because sometimes I pretend that I’m a mermaid. But as some of you may be aware, Pants and I are in “training” for the […]

Blackhawks Convention ’13

Both Chuck and I are drowning in work today, but over the weekend hockey players were dancing.  Emergency post. Remember last year’s Blackhawks Convention, when we thought nothing could ever top this? Phone booth not included. Patrick Kane heard us.  And declared shenanigans. Bless this girl who gets up to the mic and asks Toews […]

Birthday Boy: Patrice Bergeron

Happy 28th Birthday to the one…the only…the Boston legend himself, Patrice Bergeron. Even if you don’t like the Bruins , you love Patrice. Even Pants loves Patrice. I mean, just look at him. The way he plays. The way he carries himself. His face. There is a reason I call him ‘Perfect Patrice’.  

Summer Nights

Oh for heaven’s sake.  Come home from tropical vacation, depressed about going back to work?  Sidney Crosby to the rescue. [Sorry y’all, copyrighted photos from this post were removed by request.  You’ll have the survive on screencaps from the CTV interview linked below.] Sid and Brand Marchand took part in the Phoenix Night of Champions […]

Foxy Friday: Instagram

Last week, it was glasses.  This week, we are continuing with our salute to inanimate foxiness by honoring one of our favorite apps, Instagram.   In case you’re not hip to the Instagram, it is an online photo/video-sharing & social networking services that lets users take photos, apply a digital filter, upload them, and share […]

15 Will Get You 20

Social media dilemma of the day: You have 15 seconds.  How best to use it? Correct answer: Gabe Landeskog workout video Push-ups, floor pull-ups, TRX abs and patty cake while wearing an Avalanche shirt sized youth XL.  All from a place that is actually called: Meet you guys at the airport. There’s also this video, […]

Rock Your Body

As promised, Joffrey Lupul is naked in ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue. Saved it from Puck Daddy because they named the file “nakedlupul1.jpg.” His name is still Joffrey, which is unfortunate.  I bet he gets chills whenever Arya whispers her list. Here’s a whole gallery of behind the scenes photos from this year’s Body Issue […]

Fireworks of a Different Kind

Yesterday was America’s birthday.  There were barbecues, patriotic music, fireworks, waving flags…and one very big trade. Yesterday, the Bruins decided to have their own pyrotechnic display when they traded former 1st round draft pick Tyler Seguin, Rich Peverley, and prospect Ryan Button to the Dallas Stars for Loui Eriksson and three prospects – Joe Morrow, […]

Broke & Fabulous: Penguins

Holy Hannah.  Every time I refresh Twitter, someone has been given a zillion dollars!  Since we have all summer to look at the crazy things NHL teams are doing, let’s start with our own favorites. Ladies and gentlemen, the Pittsburgh Penguins: While I enjoy a gleeful shopping binge every once in a while, the bill […]

Party Rock

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks?  Since we cannot keep up with these kids, here are ten great photos from the festivities of the last week. Whatever you expected from a Patrick Kane party, you were underestimating. SWEDES, you have passed us!! (photo by @jstefanc) Police barricades […]

Casting Couch: Turk – the Movie

OMG! is reporting that actors Tom Hardy Logan Marshall-Green and Wyatt Russell are finalizing deals to play Derek Sanderson and Bobby Orr in the indie flick “Turk”. Logan Marshall-Green as Derek Sanderson Wyatt Russell as Bobby Orr The film will be based on the book “Crossing the Line”, which details the self-destructive, downward spiral of […]

Don’t Stop the Pop

Hockey is a taskmaster.  It does not care that we’ve put off our lives for the last six months.  It has no sympathy for my split ends, ragged cuticles or pile of overdue library books.  Hockey doesn’t pause just because Jonathan Toews is on a bender and I want to watch the Blackhawks parade. Patrick […]

Mikey Monday: Doing It Right

Let’s start our first Mikey Monday in a while by hoping everyone in Mike’s hometown of Calgary is safe and well.  We’ve seen a lot of photos this weekend, like the Saddledome underwater, and we’re thinking of you guys. Mike is still in DC, Tweeting about car shows and country concerts (ah, summer).  He recently […]

Mikey Monday: Push It

So it’s Monday morning and I’ve already torn my jeans and gotten the wrong ice tea from Dunkin Donuts.  Everyone in DC is off work except for me, because the movie industry does not care about the alleged discovery of the New World. Sorry Columbus.  There’s only one way to save this Monday: New Mike […]