Intern Birthday!

Oops, am I late?  We’ve been celebrating Intern Jeff Skinner’s birthday.  He’s 21 today, so… we were having apple juice and cake.


And we made him serve it.  This is a job, people!

Jeff’s big day comes during the un-offseason.  He’s rather be in the playoffs, but how does Jeff feel about playing for Team Canada?  Proud.

skinner roster

How does he feel about turning 21?  Like an adult.

skinner staal

How does he feel when we tease him for having a girlfriend?


Haha, that’s about right.

Happy birthday, Intern Jeff Skinner!  Now back to work!

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  1. Alex Reply

    He has a gf?! Damn it…. 🙁

  2. Taylor Reply

    Haha does he really have a girlfriend?