Birthday Boy: Intern Jeff Skinner

Break out the Mexicolas and sprinkles…

It’s Intern Jeff Skinner’s birthday!!

Jeff turns 20 today, so he’ll be doing… exactly what he does every other day.  Drinking a gallon of milk, giving up his seat on the Metro and buying Girl Scout cookies.  Sorry Skinns, we can Party in the USA next year.

Definitely invited.

Oh heck, we’re inviting everyone.

You told EVERYBODY?!

It’s going to have a prom theme, for all the ones Jeff didn’t get to go too.

Not funny, guys!

We promise, no figure skating jokes and Eric is going to buy the beer.

This is sounding better.

So have a good summer, Jeff…

What’s that saying? Bend and snap?

And maybe at 20 you won’t be quite so – oh, forget it.  We love it when you’re horribly embarrassed with Nealer and Stamkos laughing in the background.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Ahhhhh I completely didn’t realize today was the 16th! Happy birthday to my favorite boy!!!

  2. Sofie Reply

    Ahhhh I completely didn’t realize that today was the 16th! Happy birthday to my favorite hockey boy!

  3. Alexis Reply

    O_O i didn’t know I shared my birthday with our beloved intern. Epic!!!!!

  4. I think I’m going to buy him some more of those Lululemon shirts. One for each day of the week.

  5. Happy birthday Intern Jeff Skinner. Your age starting with a “2” now makes me feel less perverted for cougaring your boy-face/man-body.