Not the INTERN!

This really isn’t funny.

When we hire interns, we expect them to work.  When I drive all the way to Raleigh for the Bolts vs. Canes game on Saturday, 2/23, I expect Intern Jeff Skinner to play.


Jeff is out of the Canes lineup with an undisclosed “upper body injury.”  Don’t look at us like we made him lift too many heavy things.  He works for tips, okay?


But seriously, this big hit sent Skins headfirst into the boards last week vs. Toronto.  He finished the game and practiced the next day, but did not practice Sunday. [link]  Last season he missed 16 games with a concussion, so everybody hope this is a minor thing and not a time machine.


Just look at him!

skinner3 The frown when he drops it… I’ve been laughing for a week.


Jeff has 7 goals on the season, which (he keeps reminding me) currently ties him with Crosby and Toews.  Well let’s have Bring A Guy Who Also Has 7 Goals to Work Day, shall we?

skinner Read the article here.

If Jeff can’t play Saturday, he can at least come tailgating with @Section328 (but not drink) and sing us an Ed Sheeran song.  This ‘upper body’ injury is not to his hands.  Then he couldn’t play cornhole either and I’ve seen the Canes commercials: cornhole is the best part of tailgating.  (Except that it’s called ‘cornhole’ which makes me really uncomfortable and now I’ve said it fifty times.)


Even without Intern Jeff Skinner I still get t0 see JStaaaaaaaaal for the first time in aaaaaaaaaages.


But I was really hoping to witness one of these as well:


Yes, the game is vs. Tampa Bay so of course Stamkos will also be there. There are few days in my life when having Steven in the building is not an ideal situation.  Carolina currently leads the Southeast Division with 17 points, while Tampa Bay has 15.  Saturday will be a big game for both teams – BOTH TEAMS I LIKE.  Why do I let this keep happening?  I might wear my Bolts shirt for the car ride, but I’m rooting for the Canes this time.  My life is so hard.


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  1. Jes Reply

    In Illinois we call that game bags, which while uncreative, is still much less squirm inducing a name.

  2. Side note – did you know you can still buy Jordan’s Pens jersey? STRAIGHT THROUGH THE HEART LIKE A DAGGER.

  3. Amy Reply

    Just an FYI, your link to the article takes me to a picture of Jordan. While it is very nice, I just thought you’d like to know. 🙂

    • Pants Reply

      Jordan, taking over. I’ve fixed the link so you can read the feature!

      • Amy Reply

        Thank you kindly! I do love your intern. 🙂

  4. Caitlin Reply

    He’s so hilariously self deprecating: “when [my team mates] come over I put my guitar away so I won’t be embarassed…He’s pretty good, so I just fade into the background.”

  5. Ashley Reply

    if i ever read an article that includes jeff skinner, my brain just automatically inserts the word intern, and i read it as “intern jeff skinner”. in my head it is his actual full name.

  6. Cassy Reply

    He can reorganise my top drawer. He always likes doing that when he’s hurt, even if my watchamacallit bars always disappear when he does.