My Meltdown Moment

I’m trying to think of an analogy for how I feel.  I knew the lockout would cause the cancellation of some regular season games.  I couldn’t stop it, I could only hope to contain it.

NHL cancels first two weeks of regular season games – USA Today

But now that it’s actually happened I am overwhelmed with the force of my own fury.  I desperately want to:

But let’s be honest. I’m really this guy:

The regular season was supposed to open on my birthday.  What more could a girl ask for, right?  Now I’ll probably have to go to Old Country Buffet or some shit because I’m in my pajamas and can’t stop crying.

I am ditched at the altar, middle of the road, drunk Joan Cusack from In & Out distraught right now.  Just replace the “heterosexual” with “hockey game” and the dress with a jersey.  Everything else in this scene accurately expresses my emotions.  (If you’ve never seen this movie, now you have plenty of time.)

“I’m more miserable than ever and I’m a mess and I’m starving.”

Watch the clip where Howard says he can’t marry her and she loses it.  Also me.


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  1. MattyD Reply

    Make sure you have time to shower and vomit. Also I’m totally buying you a gift card for Old Country Buffet for your birthday.

  2. Brittany Reply

    Oh, Pants. Your birthday? Of all days? That is my nightmare. I, too, am lost and broken, but your BIRTHDAY?! You couldn’t script something so cruel.

  3. Damn girl, it’s like you’re Jessica Simpson and the NHL is Tony Romo. That shit is cold.