First Rule Of Bite Club – Werewolf Style.

but then I can't post this photo of brad pitt and THAT would be a shame

Everyone knows the first rule of Bite Club. You don’t talk about Bite Club. Patrice Bergeron said he wasn’t going to talk about it and then proceeded to talk about. Big no-no. Tyler Durden would be really disappointed, even if you did it in French, although it may sound way more sexy. And then you get taunted by other players later on, um, Maxim Lapierre was pretty funny offering Bergeron a finger in the second period after a scrum.

Does this mean that everyone on the Canucks are really werewolves? I present the following evidence. They may be more Underworld and less Twilight but it doesn’t mean they aren’t anymore effective. Werewovles kick ass. And I love me some Lucian but not Luongo. I’ll still dance under the moonlight with van morrison and I’ll always be an american one in London.

manimal - did anyone know there was actually a show on tv called that?

Ok, so you can tell I've been watching the Underworld marathon on syfy.

this really pained me to make this but he's the only one that matched up. the things I do for you all.

It’s 2-0 kids. Werewolves, I mean Cancucks, which is probably secret code for werewolves shapeshifting into wonder-twins activating into Alexander Burrows making two amaza-balls goals after draining Bergereon of his hockey magic. Beware. They are tricksters.

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  1. But no body hair right? Or I’ll have to get out my wax strips.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    Only in the werewolf state where they are kicking some hockey ass! 😉 off ice … hot as ever!