We Don't Like You Either!

If you weren’t watching the Penguins/Flyers game yesterday afternoon, you probably wondered what that noise was.  It was the rest of us screaming.

I could (and will) watch this all day.  The amount of awesome cannot be expressed.  Even Pierre is speechless.  I wish they’d kept his mic live so we could hear Laviolette screaming.  He and Granato were both ejected, but not before Lavi picked up a stick and smashed it.  Of course, it was Max Talbot’s stick.

“He broke my stick and I was pretty sad about that.  It was a good stick,” Max said (which is why I still love him).

Watch Giroux, he’s begging for someone to draw him off the bench.  That would have broken Pierre’s heart, because he spent the whole game fangirling over Claude.  It was like his old flame Sidney didn’t even exist.  How fickle, Pierre!  Near the end there’s a great shot of  James Neal screaming at Zac Rinaldo.  I was fanning myself with a magazine, I swear.

There were all kinds of reasons for this melee – Schenn cross-checking Crosby, Bylsma putting his 4th line out for the late shift, Vitale crushing Briere in open ice – but mostly it happened because these are the Penguins and the Flyers.  They love to hate each other.  They’ll do it again Saturday, and probably in the first round of the playoffs.

Can you imagine?  No one win too much, you have to play each other!  Too bad (for me) the Pens couldn’t get the win yesterday.  They’re still one point up on the Flyers and can maintain home ice advantage.  You can read more about the insults and challenges traded post-game here.

Here’s the Crosby post-game interview [link], or you could just…

Is this an ad for something? Or just for his thighs?

And for the Flyers fans, I couldn’t find a Gingeroux post-game so here he is being interviewed with his dad [link].  Or if you prefer…

Your future family.

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  1. The coach fight was the greatest thing I have ever seen. I was waiting for one of them to slip and fall on Pierre. That would have been HIGHLIGHT OF THE MILLENIUM.

    Also, Crosby is obviously an inhumanly talented player and I owe him fealty as he is the Prince of Canada, and he is cute and all, but I am not, as I have previously mentioned, an #87 fangirl. However, THAT PICTURE. I am now sobbing gently on the bus, stroking my iPhone screen, cooing “I love you, Sid. I love you.”

    Not weird.

    • Love that both you and Lindsay referred to Crosbot as “the prince of Canada” in the same week. Clearly this is something they teach you as part of the canadian school curriculum. Not judging.

    • I am just back from my Hockey Trip 2012 vacation – wherein I saw the Prince of Canada score (Crosbot – sex on skates!), met The Kitchenette AND Pants. My mind is still blown. And I saw the Rangers play at MSG – it’s been a tough 3 days reminding myself that I ALREADY have to teams to cheer for and I cannot love another.

      I will say that having been to Consol does WEIRD things to your lady parts – honestly, how could you NOT be in love with the Pens?? And there’s ginormous photos of Crosby everywhere – all part of the conspiracy to kill fangirls everywhere. Fact.

  2. Not that this youtube video isn’t full of precious, precious moments overall, but WHAT IN GOD’S NAME PIERRE MCGUIRE USED TO BE A COACH??? Is that even legal with the pedophile laws in effect?

  3. MS Reply

    I was thinking the same thing as Jess. Was it wrong to want one of them to fall on Pierre???

    Admitting my age here but I saw Pierre coach in action when I lived in Louisiana. The Baton Rouge Kingfish – ECHL I think. If I had only known then what I know now …

  4. Scarlett Reply

    I call lies on the CLOAD picture. That can’t be his future family, not one of the are ginger.

    • 50% of my family is ginger and I am not. I’ve been mad about this since I saw Annie at age 4. The idea of ginger children makes me want to buy out a Hallmark store or cuddle a bunny or something.

      • Scarlett Reply

        Definitely a bunny. Or you could just cuddle CLOAD! That kind of ginger family tree on both sides and your kids would be set!

  5. Susan M Reply

    James Neal said a bad word on camera-I volunteer to wash him, I mean his mouth, out with soap

  6. The Max quote is the best. I miss him.

    By the grace of all things holy, I have ice seats for next Saturday’s game. Send me your triangle folded love notes decorated with heart and flower stickers and I’ll throw them over the glass for you. Us hockey girls have to back each other up.

  7. Ness Reply

    As if I needed any more convincing, that picture of Claude just bought me a one-way ticket to the 8th circle of Leafs fan Hell (9th circle reserved for Sens, Habs, and Kerry Fraser), and I’m not even mad…sorry Pierre, you can’t have my Ontario ginger!!! My brother aka the resident Flyers fan would like to thank you for advancing his case for conversion…

  8. Becky Reply

    I just noticed at the very beginning of the video that Laviolette has to physically step over Giroux to get up on the boards. This whole thing was so awesome. I can’t wait for the playoffs!