Mikey Monday: Photo Booth

Hmm, 500 unopened emails or Mikey Monday? I can’t think of anything that looks happier than this, except maybe getting to actually see all the photostrips clearly.  But this is pretty much the definition of joy.  And bromance. If they can’t play hockey, at least they have each other. (Side note: Mike’s girlfriend is a […]

Nicky. Twitter. YES.

To everyone who saw this last night and thought of us, thanks!  Nicky Backstrom joined Twitter and the DC-area power gird promptly failed as fangirls crashed the mainframe.  I think Nicky joined now because he has the best profile photo of any Washington Capital. Or it could be because I got my Backstrom shirt in the […]

New Coach, New Girlfriend, New Attitude?

So Ovi has a new coach, a new girlfriend so let’s hope that leads to a new attitude! Right? Well if the first game was any indication, I might jump ship – WHAT?! Just kiddding. That sound you just heard was Pants and Chuck simulatenously dropping over. I’m  so excited for the battle of the hotties […]

Mikey Monday: Not a Drill

The news on Mike is: 1) He’s not skating [link].  Boudreau hopeful Mike will be able to skate by the end of this week. 2) The Caps are kinda falling apart.  Semin’s demoted to 4th line and may be a healthy scratch vs. Phoenix tonight [link].  They’ve lost 6 of 7 games, giving up 27 […]

Hi there, stranger.

While we have been busy with Mikey getting hurt and Tyler Seguin pouring it on and James Neal scoring daily, the Blackhawks are the #1 team in the NHL with 25 points (11-4-3). Tazer was the NHL’s Third Star for last week, with two 2-goal games to help the Hawks win three in a row.  Jon […]

Mikey Monday: Blustery Day

It’s a really slow day and this picture has been lurking around my inbox forever.  Dawn sent it, presumably trying to impress us with Ovi’s shorts.  Or because he’s wearing a Coach’s Corner t-shirt. But all I see is this. Am I wrong?  There’s this: And this.  I could go on all day. Mike has […]

Is it October yet?!

In another edition of players we can only like until the season starts… Ryan Kesler will appear nude in ESPN Magazine’s “The Body” issue. More than 20 athletes will do the soap opera strategically-cover-your-business to pose for the annual issue – here’s the list [link]. Kes wanted to get a jump on the competition, so […]

Your Dreams, Come True

It’s like Christmas, when you wake up to presents and the high likelihood of someone getting drunk and being publicly inappropriate! Patrick Kane is on Twitter: @88PKane We believe that Kaner has grown up (not too much!) and probably won’t suffer from what I like to call “Don’t Drink and Hockey.”  Symptoms include having to […]

This Photo Needs No Words.

Thanks Puck Daddy! I feel you Kessler. Ovi has that effect on EVERYONE. You can’t help it. It’s OK. He’s magical. We won’t tell if you dry hump his leg. Kris Letang couldn’t help himself either. And Kris Letang is super hot too! He fell under Ovi’s magical spell. Look out BizNasty – you’re next!

Mikey Monday: Tough Love

You know in A Christmas Story, when Ralphie shoots his eye just like everyone said he would?  Well Mike took another shot to the head on Saturday.  I swear he’s magnetic.  This dinger actually knocked a few screws out of Mike’s helmet… [video] Our immediate Mike Green Prayer Circle seemed to work though – he […]

A Good Roomate?

An Epic Bromance is more like it! Watch Ovi light up when he talks about ‘Semmy’ and Mike Green later on about his roommate Nicky B. No wonder these guys keep winning! There is so much love here, no woman will ever come between them and their underarmour! And sorry ladies, I wouldn’t room with […]

And We Weren't Invited?

Thank God Ovi is back on twitter because it’s a goldmine but unfortunately I’ve been so busy I haven’t been on twitter in ages and migraines have left me sidelined lately (Paging Dr. Letang for bedside assistance please!). So Mr. Cherrie alerted me to a few nuggets which I traced to Ovi’s twitter! First up, his run […]

Foxy Friday: The Flying Swede Nicky B.

Truly adorkable. But our adorkable! We heart you. I know, I know,  it’s been WEEKS … We’ve been busy! And it’s late on Friday but here it is. Nicky B. get’s this week’s FOXY FRIDAY salute and I have to throw in Epic Bromance because I can’t seem to find a video or photo that doesn’t […]

White House, Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks visited the White House this afternoon – it’s right down the road from here, but I was not invited.  How rude.  Luckily Kaner brought his ever-present FlipCam and doubtless got all kinds of state secrets on that thing.  See the whole ceremony: Video. Honestly, does he have a contract with them?  Malkin did […]

Ovi Is Back On Twitter & My Moment Of Zen

My life is COMPLETE! After taking almost two years off twitter, the Gr8 8 (isn’t that redundant) why yes it would be –  is back tweeting important things like where he’s going to eat, when he’s going to bed and random comments like “Yes” or “luck” or who knows what. Actually, I could probably guess but …It […]

Mikey Monday: Bromance

Three of our top searches yesterday? Mike Green, Capitals bromance, Washington Capitals bromance.  I think this means you want Mikey Monday: Bromance Edition.  We exhibited yesterday why Mikey needs a hug these days and who better to deliver than his ENTIRE team? It must take hours to amass so many exhibits for our bromance case […]

Caution Shirtless Kris Letang: Viewing Could Cause Severe Drooling, Overheating and Other Unmentionables

Thanks to Seriously Pissed and Cassy: You made my Sunday! Deryk undresses Kris Letang at practice much to the delight of screaming and I mean SCREAMING pens fans and really, youtube voyeurs as well. You can hear the girl taping saying her battery is dying. I don’t think so!  Maybe almost spontaneously combusting at what it’s being asked to tape. […]

Love At First Fight

After the All Star game if you google Ovechkin and Letang, all sorts of yummy things start to come up. But I think this is where it all began. Ovi likes it rough and I am beginning to think so does Mr. LeBang! They can’t seem to keep their gloves off each other. Can’t wait […]

Did I Just Dream This Into Being?

I am watching the All-Star Mad Skills competition and look up and lo-and-behold – THIS. Did I just fall in to an alternative reality? Did the universe just shift like in the original Star Trek and they go through a worm hole and Capt. Kirk finds out that the Blue Chick is super hot and Spock is really […]

The 'Hit's' Just Keep Coming!

Biznasty’s been busy but not on the ice. If you are in the Arizona area, pick up your free copy of Scottsdale’s Men’s Health because this month’s cover boy is none other than Paul Bissonnette! (video here) Teammate Keith Yandle does a fabulous interview to help his teammate promote the ‘free’ publication and much like Ovi, you get the […]