Mikey Monday: Bromance

Three of our top searches yesterday? Mike Green, Capitals bromance, Washington Capitals bromance.  I think this means you want Mikey Monday: Bromance Edition.  We exhibited yesterday why Mikey needs a hug these days and who better to deliver than his ENTIRE team?

It must take hours to amass so many exhibits for our bromance case files, right?  Wrong.  Two minute search people. And the bromance isn’t picky: Ovi, Nicky, Brooks, Sasha… Mikey loves them all.  Or they all love him.

Take a load off, Ovi.

We're gonna hug.

You know they watch Titanic together.

I heard you give good hugs.

So much love, it almost makes you like the Capitals.  No?  Perhaps one more?

The hug is reality.

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  1. Raedanda Reply

    This has to be one of my favorite of your posts yet. The Caps AND hugs?!?

    p.s. – Why does Sasha look like the special brother in that 4th picture??

    • Katie Reply

      He needs even more hugs now with Stecks gone.

  2. Spreading crazy amounts of love all over this nation!


    Hugs are underrated.

  3. Cassy Reply

    I wanna hug. I need one. I’ll take him and Mr Blue-Eyed God to go, thanks.

    That line from Entourage comes to mind: “Let’s hug it out…”

    But Sasha hugs look creepy. Why do they all want to touch him? It’s weird. And, well, creepy (except Brooks. That’s not creepy. That’s proper manly bromance and allowed. I said so).