Ovi Is Back On Twitter & My Moment Of Zen

My life is COMPLETE! After taking almost two years off twitter, the Gr8 8 (isn’t that redundant) why yes it would be –  is back tweeting important things like where he’s going to eat, when he’s going to bed and random comments like “Yes” or “luck” or who knows what. Actually, I could probably guess but …It doesn’t matter because it’s Ovi man and it’s important and we want to know, at least I do.

i'm back ladies - BOOM!

It’s only Tuesday and this week is shaping up to be a suckfest so I pulled a photo of my three favorite Russians, Sasha Fierce, The Gr8 8 and Sergei Fedorov. I couldn’t believe my luck to find one with all three in a – a- um, well, is there a word for an all male menage trois? And since I don’t speak french, do they have a word for a male bromance of three?

Sasha loves Sergei and the other Sasha loves Sergei

And because I really miss Mike Green and I want and NEED him back even though I heart meinen Herr Sturm and new hottie Jason Arnott I found this sweet photo of Mikey in better days. Hurry back Mikey but only when you’re 100%.

We miss you!

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  1. STOP! I can’t see Ovi at the game tonight if this is what I’m going to think of. It’s worse than the photo of him dancing in the bathing suit. You are trying to kill me, and Mr. Pants will just laugh as he holds my hair while I barf.

    • Cassy Reply

      Sabotage him! Actually not to the Oilers. No. Argh terrible conundrums!

      I nearly started a fight somewhere else when I mentioned Ovi was back on Twitter. Now someone else thinks I love him.

      Which I don’t. He makes me want to barf. This would not bode well for romance.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    You do love him! And Pants, you will cheer for him when he gets a hat trick tonight! My prediction! I’m calling it! BOOM! He is totes hot in that photo! Come on! What’s not to love? You know it. I expect a post on all the hottness first hand. super jealous. 😉

    • Cassy Reply

      Ew. Now I feel sick again and no, it’s not post status migrainus syndrome…

    • dawncherrie Reply

      AWESOME! I didn’t even see that one! THANKS!Not just slightly! TOTES MORE! You made my day!