Foxy Friday: Steven Stamkos

It is a little known major oversight here at WUYS that Steven Stamkos has never been a Foxy Friday. One could argue that’s he’s been sufficiently fox-ied every other day of the week, since we’ve tagged over 100 posts with his name. But with great power comes great responsibility…

To keep looking like this:

Some of our 100+ Stamkos posts have been pretty legendary, including those times he:

… was so cute at 20 that I said, “Call me when you don’t need a fake ID.’

.. turned 21. Then 22, and then 23. (He’s 25 now.)

… shoveled snow in shorts.

… wore, and I mean woreblue pants to play golf. The white pants were good too.

… and James Neal cried laughing at Intern Jeff Skinner‘s mortal humiliation.

… scored 50 goals. Then made it 60 goals.

… did this: steven

… pretended to forget his skates while Jordan Eberle pretended to be mean in a Coke Zero commerical.

… and Neal, Tavares and Jeff Carter had an imaginary argument about the scoring race.

Tweeted a photo of his busted face.

… jumped freakishly high. Which is probably all the time.

… cut/didn’t cut his hair.

poured water of himself in the name of charity.

… went to the wire on a contract deal. No, the other time.

Curls for the girls

Curls for the girls


It’s been 4 years, 7 months and 22 days since Steven’s first mention on WUYS. That means he’s gone 1697 days without being Foxy Friday! Criminal! Finally, we correct this error of 242.5 weeks. (And on a day that Steven and the Bolts play Pittsburgh. I waited 5 years to probably shoot myself in the foot and cost my team their whole season. Yay,)

In honor of Steven finally being named, we’re bringing you ALL NEW (to this blog, mostly, we think) Steven Stamkos content! Skinny legs and all.

When Steven is on the ice, he is:

When he’s not on the ice, you can find him being cute with a puppy:

I don’t need any treats, I’m good here.


And with many puppies:


My actual dream come true.


And with his own puppy:


Some people are obsessed with their dogs, okay? Gosh.


Also with children:


High school is going to be rough with these standards.




or product placement:


I would pay $1000 for this shirt.


You’ll find him hanging with his related Tumblr searches:


I’ve got friends in Southern Ontario places…



Notice that “Hand” is the only thing capitalized.


And most importantly, doing activities:


I play Frisbee every day with my dog, I could coach this. Will work for everyone’s shirts.


I could go on all day (or for the past five years). Stammer’s contract is up at the end of this season, and the drama is already at peak hysteria. The Lightning have said it’s their “number one priority” – well, duh. Steven has said little other than he loves playing in Tampa. We’ve heard guys say that and take reasonable contracts to stay put, or shout is as they’re rolling toward a new team in an armored truck full of cash. My bet is on Stamkos staying with the Lightning.

If you’re not already following him on twitter (@RealStamkos91), you’re doing it wrong. The guy knows what we want! It’s almost as good as the Steven Stamkos Tumblr feed.

Happy finally Foxy Friday, Steven. Try not to score too many again the Penguins tonight, yeah? Kthanksbye.

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  1. Cassy Reply


  2. Can you hear me SQUEALING from Canada?? Best post ever, Pants. I love you and WUYS!!! Oh, and you too, Steven. 😉

  3. Fatema Reply

    OMG it’s been FOREVER since you guys did a Foxy Friday and you’ve certainly redeemed yourselves. Stammer is a great hockey player and I hope he stays a Lightning player. It was really sad when he didn’t go to the Olympics for Canada. You guys should watch all the Cabby videos with Stammer. Great choice!